Benefits of Membership

Club membership provides many benefits, including social, technical, and educational.  During the pandemic these benefits continue, transformed by using video conferencing.

Here are the slides of the presentation given Feb 11th 2021


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Due to COVID-19, Corona Virus, the Clubhouse is Virtual till further notice

Due to COVID-19, our club activities take place outdoors or in Zoom online meetings.  We are using Silver Threads limited openings to teach Zoom to those members unfamiliar with video conferencing.  Refer to our calendar for details.

  • This website contains slide presentations that you may have missed.
  • We will also put up new pages with links to interesting sites.
  • We plan photo shoots outdoors and share the photos via photo albums, which let you add photos and comments.
  • And we deliver classes online using the Zoom video conferencing app.

Home visits to fix computers are still ruled out for now.

If you have questions, please email

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Technology for 55+

We discuss how to effectively and safely use digital technology (smartphones, digital cameras,  tablets and computers) with those 55 and older who join our club. Continue reading

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APCUG Workshops.

9 am PT, 10 am MT, 11 am CT, 12 pm ET

March 10 – Macs vs PCs
March 17 – Linux
March 24 – Mailchimp
March 31 –  Backing Up

2021-Mar-10 : Macs vs Windows PCs

Registration closes at 11:30 pm (your time) on March 9.

Join Larry for a presentation on MAC vs PC where he compares features and shows you the pros and cons of each.

Many of you are probably Windows users, but maybe you’re a Windows user because that’s what you have used all your life and probably have never considered anything else. But, there may come a day when you will be faced with the need to upgrade or get a new computer.

Larry will show you why you should consider leaving Microsoft Windows and go with an Apple product such as a MAC Mini, Macbook Pro laptop, or an integrated unit such as the iMac.

  • Some of you will undoubtedly say that you don’t want to learn a new operating system.
  • Some of you will dismiss alternatives as too expensive.
  • Some of you may fear the unknown because of having to learn something new.
  • Some of you will say there are Windows programs you have to have that you can’t get on a MAC.

He hopes to dispel some of these myths as he explains the similarities between a MAC and a PC. Larry will show you that you can switch without it costing an arm and a leg as you may have thought.

Larry will give you compelling reasons why MAC PC’s are easier to use, safer from virus’, and provide applications that are not bloated in size, saving you money on storage costs, not to mention the ease of transferring applications from one MAC to another or even that of transferring your Windows files using the built-in features in the MAC. He will also show you how backup and restoration of your files are made simple and, more importantly, testable so that should the day come that you need them, you can be assured they will work.

As a certified Microsoft Engineer with hundreds of Windows applications to his credit, he discovered the ease of using a MAC when he decided to write an iOS application for his iPhone. The only way to compile it was on a MAC PC, so he purchased his first MAC Mini in 2012 and after a short time using it, switched exclusively to using a MAC for all of his computer needs. Larry has never looked back but, as you will learn, there are ways to have your cake and eat it too by running a copy of your favorite Windows OS right on your MAC for those times when nothing but Windows will solve your problem.

2021-Mar-17 :  Learning Linux #6

This is the same link as the Linux #5 workshop in January; if you registered for that one you do not need to register again.
Registration closes at 11:30 pm (your time) on Tuesday, March 16.

At the March Learning Linux workshop, we will cover a number of topics. First, we’ll take a look at the differences between selected Distros and what they offer in terms of settings and preferences. Some distros give you a limited selection and others give you the kitchen sink.  Then we will present a Beginner’s Guide to the Linux file structure, which varies a bit from what is found in Windows. Finally, we’ll begin a series of presentations on Basic Commands for the Terminal for Beginners. Another session will be offered at the May workshop.

2021-Mar-24 : Mailchimp

Registration closes at 11:30 pm (your time) on March 23.

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools used for communicating with your group’s target market – members and prospective members. In this APCUG workshop, we will show how to utilize this free web-based app for sending information to your club or group. We will also show how to create a free account, build a mailing list, and develop an informational email for your members. The app has built-in templates to create compelling and interesting electronic messages, eBulletins, newsletters, and more. Our panel will share their experiences using Mailchimp and how they develop content for their messages. The Mailchimp team members are from the groups that won 1st place in the 2019 and 2020 eBulletin contests.
Bill James, VP, Computer Club of Oklahoma City
Deb Meisels, VP, Westchester PCUG, New York
Pierre Darmon, President, Westchester PCUG

2021-Mar-31 : Backing Up

Registration closes at 11:30 pm (your time) on March 30.


Don’t lose any or all of your important data: documents, photos, music, or videos.
• Your computer could be hit by a virus.
• Ransomware could hold your files hostage.
• You should be prepared for a natural disaster
• Hard drives sometimes fail.

We will look at an overview of backing up your hard drive and your smartphone during this workshop. There will also be demonstrations of various back-up apps: Bob Gostischa will demo Aomei, Bill James will show us how the Windows 10 File History works, plus another (TBD) demos of backup programs. Maybe you will find the one for you!

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Here are the slides for the browser password managers presented Feb 4th by George and Dorothy

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Digital Estate Planning

Your Identity Isn’t Safe Even After You’ve Died

Judy Taylour of APCUG fame,  presented Digital Estate Planning   to the Victoria Computer Club on January 7th, 2021.

• How much of your life is virtual?
• Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a computer, a tablet or a smartphone?
• Every email, every payment, every movie, every picture, every file in the cloud is
a digital asset.
• What happens if you die and no one can retrieve them?
• Your estate can get stuck in digital probate.

Read the full presentation notes here

The links to the worksheets were sent out in our Events email to members on January 25th, 11pm

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Data Privacy Day, Jan 28th 2021

Data Privacy Day Info 1-28-21

Data Privacy Day – January 28, 2021

Sponsored by National Cyber Security Alliance

Information from Data Privacy Day – Stay Safe Online  

Millions of people are unaware of and uninformed about how their personal information is being used, collected, or shared in our digital society.

Data Privacy Day began in the United States and Canada in January 2008 as an extension of the Data Protection Day celebration in Europe. Data Protection Day commemorates the January 28, 1981, signing of Convention 108, the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection. On January 27, 2014, the 113th U.S. Congress adopted S. Res. 337, a non-binding resolution expressing support for the designation of January 28 as “National Data Privacy Day.” Data Privacy Day is observed to inspire dialogue and empower individuals and companies to take action.

Attend the Data Privacy Day 2021: Data Privacy in an Era of Change event – reservations required. Data Privacy Day 2021: Data Privacy in an Era of Change – Stay Safe Online

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Recommended Video Conferences

Every couple of weeks George sends out our Events newsletter to members.  (Search your inbox for “events”, or But we cannot list all the interesting tech for seniors conferences in the newsletter, so some of them are shown below.

  • Tech for Seniors Mondays at 8:30 am  Subscribe to their newsletter to get the topics of the day.
  • Learning Chromebooks  Third Thursday every month 11am. Registration required
  • APCUG’s Virtual Technology Conference
  • Space Javelin, Chas’s podcast
  • VMUG  Victoria Mac User’s Group
  • VLUG Victoria Linux User Group,
  • Victoria Pi Makers.


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How to Get Involved in Data Privacy Day 2021

Upcoming Webinar
How to Get Involved in Data Privacy Day 2021
December 15, 2020
2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific

Privacy Day (Jan. 28) is less than two months away! Join the National Cyber Security Alliance on Tuesday, December 15 at 2pm EST/11am PST to learn about how you and your organization can get involved and create awareness about the importance of privacy and protecting personal information!

During this free presentation, we’ll take an in-depth dive into the 2021 campaign, including:

  • The campaign themes and messaging
  • The Data Privacy Day Champions program and materials available for organizations and individuals
  • Tips and advice for launching your own initiatives

Register today to save your spot!

Register Here

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Cyber Security Presentation

Here is the link to our Cyber Security slide show used in Oct 8th’s Zoom presentation.  We will cover the second half of this slide show in November with videos

VPN SMASH is another source of security info for seniors

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October is Cyber Security Month

8 OCT, THU 10 – 11:30am the Victoria Computer Club will host a zoom meeting on Cyber Security. 

October is Cyber Security month, and we will cover

  • how cyber threats work
  • how they affect you
  • how we can protect ourselves
  • how we can work together against these threats.

The zoom meeting link was sent Sept 30th in an email to members from .  New members will be sent the link.

Nav Bassi  gave an excellent presentation last year that is well worth reviewing:

Cybersecurity: This Time It’s Personal

Also, the Government of Canada has a website “Get Cyber Safe” at

Password managers are key to your online security,  and two factor authentication is key too.   A basic understanding of encryption helps.

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Message from Judy Taylour, APCUG

Thank you for attending the Summer VTC, we hope you learned something new about the technology you use and information that entices you to try something new. Several are going to give Bitwarden a try and one attendee is going to buy a Chromebook. Another is going to dive into FreeNAS 100% going forward.

Several would like to see Kenneth Tubaugh’s complete presentation on Password Managers featuring Bitwarden. He will be giving a 2-hour Wednesday workshop on the topic and another hands-on workshop with attendees invited to install it on their computers and join him while he sets it up, creates passwords and shows everyone his tips for using the program.

We’ll also be having an officers Wednesday workshop to meet other officers, talk about going forward with our groups via online meetings, talking about hybrid meetings with some members meeting in person and others participating via Zoom at home, etc. User Groups Helping User Groups.

The PDFs of the presentations have been uploaded to; I’ll let you know when the videos are uploaded to APCUG’s YouTube channel.

Answers to the chat box questions will be sent to those who signed into the session.

We hope to see you at the November 7 VTC, annual meeting, and contest winner awards.

As you know, a volunteer’s job is never done

  • September-December = Home Automation Wednesday Workshops
  • September = Contest entries
  • October = Contest judging
  • October = APCUG Director & Advisor 2021 election
  • November = VTC, Annual meeting, etc.
  • November & December = 2021 dues renewal contest
  • Happy holidays and it’s 2021….
  • What other workshops would you like?
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