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Switching from Telus (or Shaw) webmail

Telus has begun migrating Telus email accounts off its webmail client onto Google servers.   For your consideration  read Telus’s reply to Techtalk’s questions half way down that page. You can keep your Telus email address on Google’s servers (minus Google’s … Continue reading

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Windows 10 tips

For Monday’s Computer Basics Group, here is a webpage of Windows 10 tips

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Do more with Edge and Cortana

Here are the links to Ricks presentations on Edge and Cortana.  Interestingly, because they are images of text and therefore not likely to be scanned by the likes of Google,  I’m not too worried about the copyright.  Note the dates … Continue reading

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CCleaner hack affects 2.27 million computers

Your device may have CCleaner malware. Here’s what you need to know. Computer-optimization software is supposed to keep your computer running smoothly. Well, in this case, maybe not so much. Monday, the company that makes CCleaner, Avast’s Piriform, announced that … Continue reading

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Windows 10 Features Class

Here are the slide contents from the Windows 10 Features Class given April 15th. Windows 10 is an Operating System for computers, tablets, Xbox game consoles and phones, all running Windows with a similar user interface. Phones and tablets, being touch … Continue reading

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Windows10: Lab computers all updated

Gord Collins has worked hard upgrading all our Lab computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Way to go & thanks Gord.  Microsoft Office 2010 and Roots Magic have been installed, but very few other programs.  You might consider using … Continue reading

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Block Windows Upgrade nag

Microsoft details how to block Windows 10 upgrade Not for beginners. The club intends to upgrade their lab machines to windows 10 around March.

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Activating Windows 10: How it works under Microsoft’s new rules

Microsoft is revamping how it checks if Windows is genuine. Here’s how these changes could make your life easier when setting up Windows 10.

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Presentation on Windows 10, Thurs. Sept 17th 2pm. Lunch at 1pm

Windows 10 is the topic for the monthly Presentation, Thursday, Sept 17 at 2pm, Lunch at 1pm Note these changes to our monthly meeting: Day of the week changed from Wednesday to Thursday. Location: Royal Canadian Legion – Britannia Branch, … Continue reading

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Here are some interesting points to look over

I myself use the VLC program for videos

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