Once per month tutorial

The first sentence on the signup page for one-on-one help says

“To reserve a time for one-on-one help, before 6pm Thursday, choose one empty timeslot Friday (only one per month).

We have had good compliance with the ease of self-booking and self-restraint.  “Once per month” is not a new rule. It was put in place to ensure one person does not monopolize a teaching resource.   We have allowed an additonal signing up late on a Thursday afternoon if there is a teacher available next day, rather than let an empty timeslot go unused.  But booking more than one session weeks ahead is not allowed without an explanation visible in the description.  Allowable excuses are preparing for an extensive trip, or a security breach reported to the police.

Anyone clicking on the signup page to book time can see the names of those ignoring the once-per-month rule.   Would drivers speed if their car displayed their name as they sped by?

The club reserves the right to remove bookings of more than once a month.

Overwriting other member’s bookings is shown in past database backups.

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