1 on 1 Help

The clubhouse is open to Victoria Computer Club members for 45 minute, one-on-one help on Friday mornings in the LibraryPre-register a couple of days in advance
at  https://victoriacomputerclub.org/tutorial_signup/list.php .  A drop in fee of $2 for Silver Threads members and $5 for non-members must be paid at the front desk before entering.  Because of the close contact between teachers and you, you may be asked to wear a mask.

Bring your email address and your email account password, freshly written down.  TEST YOUR’s HERE:  Apple iCloud ; Google ; Shaw ; Telus ; Outlook

Please pre-register  for only one session per month at a time. Volunteers do not have time to rebuild computers, update Windows Versions, etc.  For in-person one-on-one help at  286 Hampton Rd,  you must pre-register
at  https://victoriacomputerclub.org/tutorial_signup/list.php.  Describe your computer problem in the form.

We also offer help to our members remotely, via Zoom or Quick Assist.

For help setting up Zoom on your device phone George Bowden (vp) at 250-893-7423

Once you have Zoom or Quick Assist running, you can get help by emailing help@VictoriaComputerClub.org

4 Responses to 1 on 1 Help

  1. Mary Brandsma says:

    I somehow have two Facebooks accounts which does not work for me. I really want only one. I need help to change that.

  2. Jan 3, 2022
    Can you please email me an updated Jan 2022 calendar of what is available in person to person one on help or in house classes at Silver threads
    Thanks and Happy New Year
    Ellie Dufresne

  3. My browser opens with a site I’d like to get rid of: https://www.directionsfound.com/homepage/homepage.html?id=MTI2ODM&implId=Zmxvd19udHNfbWFwczI#hfew=d365176e-7d2f-e0e3-c17a-b4069344a229
    and I’d like to get on top of this new (for me) browser Chrome and learn more about it.

  4. I can be available to provide assistance tomorrow from 10-11AM if needed. I will drop by around 10AM. Murray

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