Technology for 55+

We discuss how to effectively and safely use digital technology (smartphones, digital cameras,  tablets and computers) with those 55 and older who join our club.

Refer to our calendar for details of events.  To attend Computer Club events you must be a member of the Victoria Computer Club.

Memberships are $25 per person per year.  Memberships last 365 days from the anniversary of joining,

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4 Responses to Technology for 55+

  1. Richard Body says:

    Thanks George, for inquiring about APCUG’s procedures after signup. I received
    an acknowledge and confirmation email this morning, well in time for the 10 am
    ZOOM meeting.

  2. Richard Body says:

    I registered last week for an APCUG Zoom meeting on “Encryption for Seniors”.
    I did not receive any reply or confirmation that I had registered. I believe an email
    usually confirms ZOOM meeting signups , but as I had never done so with APCUG,
    I decided to wait patiently until the day arrived. The day did, but no link to the meeting.
    Has anyone had success with APCUG , or know how to contact them?

  3. Yes, Security is moving up, nearly at the top, of our topics. Expect it within a month. I’m preparing a talk for the Federal Retirees on March 13, so expect it at the Computer Basics soon after.

  4. John O'Hara says:

    Could perhaps some time be spent on what technology does in regards to privacy?
    1. Recently [within the last 2 weeks], a test was performed in D.C. with 2 Androids. One was in Airplane Mode; the other one not. After touring the city for the better part of the day, visiting a museum or two, the Airplane Mode unit was turned on. It was amazing what Google knew. It was less than the other unit, but all places visited and times of each, where recorded. Including air pressures.
    2. My sister arrived home late one day. Upon stepping into the family room, the TV came on. It gave them an eerie feeling. The camera was pointed the other way. But what about Cortana, listening in?
    3. On my birthday recently, upon using Google Chrome, I noticed a pile of flaming candles. Sometime in the past, I may have provided my birth date, mainly because it was asked for. Perhaps we should be informed that because they [or anyone else] ask for this or any other material, it may not be essential that it be provided.

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