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TimeslotTeacherMemberEditMember Comment
Sat Jul 21 09:30AMTeacher 1Peter Edit has a question about using a thumbdrive
Sat Jul 21 09:30AMTeacher 2John O'HaraEdit Update recovery disk [Macrium back-up procedure]
Sat Jul 21 09:30AMTeacher 3Edit
Sat Jul 21 10:30AMTeacher 1Rebecca KoolEdit IPad with ?Chas?
Sat Jul 21 10:30AMTeacher 2Eileen WiedemanEdit I have a desktop computer so will need to use one at the centre.
Sat Jul 21 10:30AMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Jul 24 10:00AMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Jul 24 10:00AMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Jul 24 10:00AMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Jul 24 11:00AMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Jul 24 11:00AMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Jul 24 11:00AMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Jul 24 12:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Jul 24 12:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Jul 24 12:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Jul 24 01:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Jul 24 01:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Jul 24 01:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Sat Jul 28 09:30AMTeacher 1Edit
Sat Jul 28 09:30AMTeacher 2Edit
Sat Jul 28 09:30AMTeacher 3Edit
Sat Jul 28 10:30AMTeacher 1Edit
Sat Jul 28 10:30AMTeacher 2Edit
Sat Jul 28 10:30AMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Jul 31 10:00AMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Jul 31 10:00AMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Jul 31 10:00AMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Jul 31 11:00AMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Jul 31 11:00AMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Jul 31 11:00AMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Jul 31 12:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Jul 31 12:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Jul 31 12:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Jul 31 01:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Jul 31 01:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Jul 31 01:00PMTeacher 3Edit