email migration

Email carrier migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10…

Given that electronic messaging is a primary function for computer users, it is telling that Microsoft has provided no easy free method to migrate emails and contacts from Windows 7 live mail to Windows 10 Mail.

Before upgrading to Windows 10…

  1. Export your emails, contacts and favorites, using the tools built into whatever email client you are using on your Windows 7 machine.  Save those exports to a flash drive stick.
  2. If you use proprietary software (Microsoft Office for example) identify the costs and possibilility of continuing to use  that software on Windows 10.  For instance, do you have the license keys? 
  3. Have you backed up all of your computer to a image that can be mounted and explored in the Wiindows 10 file manager?  Macrium Reflect allows that.
  4. If you have been relying on a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) to store your passwords, export them to a flash drive
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Google Privacy

Slides for George’s presentation Jan 6th

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Dec 2nd Exec meeting minutes

Here is a link to the december 2 2019 exec meeting minutes

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Google photos

Here is the link to George’s presentation on Google photos

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An Assortment of Information – Part 1 – Dorothy

Dorothy spoke about technical things while travelling to the USA, Shaw and Telus signing in to your accounts and webmail, Blue Curve TV App, Homework to do and Scams.  To be continued at a later date.

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Christmas Lunch Friday Dec 6th Tickets Sold Out

Last year’s Christmas Lunch was very successful, so we are doing much the same this year.  Dorothy is arranging it, and would like some helpers to set out the food.  Those that are volunteering should email

As of Nov 26th only two tickets are left for sale for the lunch to be held Friday December 6th at noon at Silver Threads.

Lunch includes

  • Prizes,
  • Barbecue chicken, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, baked potatoes/sour cream.
  • Vegetable medley, cole slaw, green salad, sweet kale salad
  • Buns/butter, munchie mix, ice cream/berries, pie/whipped cream

You can buy the tickets at the club. Due to the rapid sale of tickets and the limited space we are no longer selling tickets online.

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Cutting the Cord..

George presented Cutting the Cord September 23rd at the Computer Basics class.

In Victoria, those of us with near line of sight to a transmitting tower can use antennas for Over The Air transmission reception.  The slides show how.  Those without antenna reception can use streaming services over their internet connection.

Here is his slide show.

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Windows 10 Basics Revisited

September 16th presentation at Basic Computer class on Windows 10 Basics

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Minutes of Exec meeting Sept 3rd 2019

You can read the minutes here

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End of Support for Windows 7 – Should I Panic?

Here is Ed’s presentation of “End of support for Windows 7 – Should I Panic?” given September 9th at the Monday Computer Basic class

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