Staples presentation on the benefits of Chromebooks

Technology Expert Sean Cleaver, alongside of Tara Smith Manager at Staples Victoria will be giving a presentation on the benefits of Chromebooks as well as discussing their general use. We will be providing a hands-on demonstration and open discussion (where questions are welcomed) to help explain how they operate. Additionally we will look at the different options that we have both in-store and online to look at the benefits one model may have over another (such as touchscreen) and why that may be desirable. We will finish up by going over the different options that Staples can provide for both technical support such as help in initially setting units up and in-person tutorials as well as hardware support through our Easycare program to help guard against any unexpected hardware issues.

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Shopping with Dorothy (online)

Learn from Dorothy Cushway some basics on how to shop online at two local grocery stores – Thrifty Foods and Save-On-Foods.




It will come in handy for

  • comparing prices,
  • if you are sick
  • you can’t drive and want some healthy food delivered.
  • or just to save lots of time from driving in traffic jams, lifting the groceries into and out of the buggy and car.

Dorothy will also cover some coupon / flyer sites that come in handy for good deals around Victoria.
Please write down 4 to 6 ingredients in your pantry that you could use to make a recipe.  Dorothy will briefly show you how to “Google” cook.

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Oct 29 and Nov 1st Photoshoots

Rilla has some fabulous photo shoots for us. Please mark these dates on your calendar. Surprise us, come out and have some fun! Everyone is Welcome

What: Halloween Activities
When: Sunday October 29th
Where: Government Street (street closed for a few blocks) at Fort
Time: 12:00 noon-4:00 pm

Meet at the corner of Fort and Government by the Bay

What: Shoot Fall Colours
When: Wednesday November 1st
Where: Royal Roads Meet in the lower parking lot
Time: 2:00 pm

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Exec Minutes for Oct 2, 2017

Minutes for Oct 2, 2017

Attending: Dorothy, George, Rick, Barkley, Anne (Silver Threads)

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Chromebook presentation links

For Monday’s Basic Computing group’s presentation on Chromebooks, use this APCUG presentation use this link

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Windows 10 tips

For Monday’s Computer Basics Group, here is a webpage of Windows 10 tips

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Do more with Edge and Cortana

Here are the links to Ricks presentations on Edge and Cortana.  Interestingly, because they are images of text and therefore not likely to be scanned by the likes of Google,  I’m not too worried about the copyright.  Note the dates on the bottom of the pages are 2015.

Do more with Edge page 1 Do more with Edge page 2

Get To Know Cortana page 1 Get To Know Cortana page 2

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September free draw winner

Stuart Stout was the winner of the monthly draw for September.

Attendees to our events that have a drop-in fee get a free ticket for the monthly draw, which is a $20 gift card, or a $20 thumb-drive.

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CCleaner hack affects 2.27 million computers

Your device may have CCleaner malware. Here’s what you need to know.

Computer-optimization software is supposed to keep your computer running smoothly. Well, in this case, maybe not so much. Monday, the company that makes CCleaner, Avast’s Piriform, announced that its free software was infected with malware. If you use CCleaner, here’s what you need to know.

CCleaner on Android wasn’t affected. —Alina Bradford/CNET

More info at this link.

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Minutes for Aug 14, 2017 exec meeting

Attending: George, Rick, Martin, Dorothy Ann (Silver Threads)
Excused: Barkley, Ian Continue reading

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