Timely Apps for Android phones and tablets

Here are some of the links used on Dec 20th’s presentation on Timely Apps. Click the underlined text below to view them.

We began with DottoTech’s Google Calendar Tips.

Tom’s Guide had several clocks reviewed

HowToGeek dealt with apps asking for your location.

It takes a class of people with different Android phones to remind me that Android is more complicated than it may first appear.  For instance, although Google Calendar Data is used by many Apps,  there is only one Google Calendar App published by Google LLC  .  Here are multiple calendar apps that use google calendar data:  Only the top left app is Google’s.  Note the publisher “Google LLC” under its “Google Calendar” name.

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APCUG Online Courses – Dec 17, 2018 – Dorothy

Dorothy gave an overview of how to watch the APCUG courses that are offered every 3 months by our associate club in the U.S.  We also reviewed and watched some of the videos as well as go to the You Tube channel to find them.

Presentation can be found here:  https://tinyurl.com/y83phy23

We also reviewed where to find Steve Dotto You Tube videos as he has many good ones. https://www.youtube.com/user/dottotech/videos

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Nine Good PC Habits You Should Have

Here is a link to Ed Prior’s presentation “Nine Good PC Habits You Should Have” given Oct 29th.

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Virtual Technology Conference Sat. Nov. 3rd, 10am

Welcome to APCUG’s last 2018 VTC. Please go to Eventbrite to register. You don’t need an Eventbrite account to attend the event.


Full descriptions can be found on APCUG

10 am, “If it’s Connected, it needs to be Protected!”  Bob’s talk, given at VCC’s meeting Oct 23rd
11 am “Cut the Cord, Things to Consider Before Firing Your Cable Company”
12 pm “Excel Magic”

10 am Take Control of Your Passwords
11 am Hands-on Demo – Windows 10, October Release
12 on Digital Literacy with TechBoomers

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Live APCUG Course – Oct 23, 2018 – Monthly Meeting

We had a live presentation by Norbert (Bob) Gostischa from New Mexico on “IF IT’S CONNECTED, IT NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED” – presentation will be posted after the November 3, APCUG presentations.

The original presentation about APCUG and all the courses they have can be found at:


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More Search Techniques – Part 2 – Oct 15, 2018 – Ed

Ed continued with showing us many features of searching in terms of how you use the words and how you get different searches, as well as how to store your searches.  The class notes can be found at this link:


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Improve your Searches – Part 1 – Sept 10, 2018 – Ed

Ed showed us how to use other search methods in addition to Google.  This was so informative that we continued in October as Part 2.  The class notes can be found at this link:


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Security Tips – Oct 1, 2018 – Charles

Here are the slides from Charles Kim’s presentation on Security, Oct 1, 2018


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Password Managers – Sept 24 2018 – George

Here is the link to today’s presentation by George


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Facebook Security – A Review – Sept 17 – Dorothy

Dorothy covered some of the areas that you need to check for security on your Facebook page.  She has given everyone homework to go through their ADS, Access your Information and watching the 3 videos which are on the last slide. Continue reading

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