iMobile Shared Interest Group

This group meets the 4th Thursday at 10am.  iPhone, iPad and iPod users meet to learn how to better manage their Apple mobile products. Led by Catherin (Cody) Gregory.

Leave a reply on the iMobile SIG Page to get help with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.  Your first comment will need to be moderated before it appears.  After that, your comments appear automatically.

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  1. sysop says:

    The iMobile SIG meets this Thursday at 10am at the clubhouse, 85a Burnside Rd W;

  2. Cody Gregory says:

    Hi Barbara…. You found us! Bring your iPad to the group on Thursday. As far as renewing your membership we may be able to sort that out on Thursday or you can send a message to

    See you then!

  3. Barbara Hutchison says:

    I have an I Pad Air & would like to learn how to use it – which class or Sig teaches this?
    I’m not sure if my membership has run out – so will have to renew if it has. How do I check that out>

  4. Welcome to this post. We had a great group at the iMobile SIG today. Thanks for attending! Topics we touched on … who has what; ‘the scary problem of the day’ (for example understanding the difference between iTunes and iTunes “the Store” ); how to keep your device secure; how to edit editor settings; and energy sticks.

    Also, we viewed these books:
    Teach Yourself Visually, IPad, the fast and easy Way to Learn, 2nd Edition;
    The iPhone Book, How to do the most important, useful & fun stuff with your iPhone, 6th edition;
    iPhone for Seniors, User friendly iPhone tutorials & app reviews at your fingertips, BDM’s Seniors Special Series.

    Next Months Proposed Topics: (we meet the 4th Thursday of the month, from 10am – noon)
    How to manage multiple devices
    Photo Apps
    What to do if your device is lost or stolen
    iTunes shopping

    Feel free to jump in with relevant questions and comments.

    See you next month! and see this post on the iMobile SIG Page here.

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