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SIG for March 26 is cancelled.  Next SIG date is : Thursday, April 23 at 10:30am.  See you then!


November 27, 2014

What to do if your device is lost or stolen?


October 23, 2014 … Session Two was well attended and fun!

Questions, Answers and Discussion
* Using our devices for wordprocessing. No one was actually wordprocessing on their device. What about spreadsheets?  DocumentsToGo was suggested as an Office type alternative.

* Travel Apps
Air Canada app,
On the Fly (shopping for airfares?) (free),
Flight Radar 24 Pro (flight tracker) ($2.99),
MarineTraffic Ships & Wind ($3.99),
Find My Car, (free for a limited time)
City Maps with Guides;
City Maps 2 Go Pro, $2.99.
City Guides by National Geographic (free),
TripAdvisor Offline City Guides (free),and many more individual city guides.


Sophos Security Software:,
A long discussion about passwords.
Do camera apps harbour malware?   Here is an interesting article  about the malware challenge. (More of a challenge if you have an Android device.)

*Favorite Apps
Duolingo, a free language learning app.

*Tips: How to create folders on your home screen.  Here is a You Tube Demo:

Post any questions or comments here.

Our next session is Thursday, November 27, 2014.  See you then!






September 25th, 2014 …  We had a great group at the iMobile SIG today. Thanks for attending! Topics we touched on … who has what; ‘the scary problem of the day’ (for example understanding the difference between iTunes and iTunes “the Store” );  how to keep your device secure; how to edit editor settings; and energy sticks.

books at SIG

books at SIG

Also, we viewed these books:
Teach Yourself Visually, IPad, the fast and easy Way to Learn, 2nd Edition;
The iPhone Book, How to do the most important, useful & fun stuff with your iPhone, 6th edition;
iPhone for Seniors, User friendly iPhone tutorials & app reviews at your fingertips, BDM’s Seniors Special Series.




Next Months Proposed Topics:
* How to manage multiple devices
* Photo Apps
* What to do if your device is lost or stolen  (
* iTunes shopping
* Adapters for iphone5. The HDMI-AV cable allows audio and video output from an iPhone 5 or iPad3 From ADCMobile:

Feel free to jump in with relevant questions and comments.

See you next month!

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  1. George Bowden says:

    Mike Nelson Pedde gave a good presentation on phone cameras. (See our home page) You might get some questions on the apps he demonstrated. Camera awsome seemed a place to start, but I don’t think it is free.

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