Facebook SIG notes from December through March

FacebookIconHere are Dorothy’s facebook SIG notes.  Click the month to see each full document.


  1. Messages to friends
  2. Video calls – may have to install the player
  3. Clearing and archiving messages


  1. Chat/Messaging/Video Chat
  2. Finding Friends (Facebook Help https://www.facebook.com/help/260198140710950)
  3. Do a live Chat with someone you know on line or with someone in the class that you just became friends with
  4. Joining Groups (Facebook Help https://www.facebook.com/help/162866443847527)
  5. Now to Explore Groups you may be interested in
  6. Events
  7. Friend Lists


  1. Adding Photos
  2. Choose your Audience
  3. No limits on Albums
  4. Download a Photo
  5. Find Your Albums
  6. Change Order of Photos in an album
  7. Edit Album
  8. Making a Picture your Profile Pictures
  9. Share Photos or Albums with NON Facebook Friends
  10. Privacy of your Photos
  11. Videos


Taking time to review some of your Activity since you joined Facebook is a good Security measure.  You  can delete old Searches you have done as well.

We also covered a bit about APPS and Games if you like to waste time or keep your mind sharp.


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