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apcugScreenAPCUG’s FREE 2015 Spring Virtual Technology Conference (VTC) will be held on Saturday, May 2, from 1:00 pm5:00 pm Eastern Time. The sessions are 50 minutes in length and offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions via a chat window. Videos from earlier conferences can be found on APCUG’s YouTube channel

  • This link is where you can view the presenter bios and, after the conference, you can download the handouts and get links to the videos.

Spread the word by forwarding this e-mail to your members. VTCs are a great way for them to expand their technology experience and be introduced to new skills. Below are the sessions that are currently scheduled.

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iPad 101
Jere Minich, APCUG Advisor, Region 5; Program Chair, Lake-Sumter Computer Society

This presentation will cover Turning on the iPad, Physical Components, Basic iPad Operations, Using the Keyboard, Connecting to the Internet, Putting the iPad to sleep or Off

Picasa, an easy-to-use digital editing program
Wil Wakely, Past President, Seniors Computer Group

What can you do when a photo looks awful but you just can’t throw it out?

Actually, quite a lot – Picasa to the rescue. With Google’s FREE digital editing program, edits are easy, using simple, intuitive controls. It takes very little time to get photos from your camera organized and sorted on your computer, edited and ready for sharing.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Recording and Organizing Your Research on the Web
Jeri Steele, President, Bowling Green Area Microcomputer User Group

Which websites allow you to record your information online? Comparison of the pros and cons of several of the leading online tools including,,, and others.

Preview of New APCUG WordPress Website
Jim Evans, APCUG Director

Hewie Poplock is retiring as APCUG’s webmaster and, since he is the only person familiar with Drupal, we needed to decide on a program to create a new website, who was going to put it together—you know, all of the things you need to do when you lose your webmaster. Bids went out, responses were received and the contract was awarded to AnnaGraphics. One of her references was the Danbury Area Computer Society website. Join us today and take a preview tour of our new WordPress website. It will go live in early-May.


Selecting the Best Backup Approach
Gene Barlow, User Group Relations

Doing regular backups of your computer is the best possible way to protect your computer and its files. Today, we are inundated with many different ways to do backups, that it is difficult to know which approach is best. They do not give you all the same protection, so you may end up surprised when you have a hard drive crash and find out that the backup approach that you picked cannot get your computer running again quickly. In this presentation, we will inspect the four most common backup approaches on the market and tell you the advantages and problems with that backup approach. We will also describe why and where you would want to use each type of backup available. Most important of all, we will tell you why one backup approach is vastly superior to all of the others. This is an important topic on backup technology and one that you will not want to miss.

Are We Under Cyber Attack?
Ira Wilsker, Columnist, Associate Professor, Law Enforcement Officer specializing in cyber crime

The constantly increasing volume of information has indicated that we are indeed under an increasing level of cyberattack. Sadly, most of us are blissfully unaware of the degree and scope that our computer systems are being hacked and penetrated, with massive amounts of personal, technical and other sensitive information being stolen. It is not just the massive theft of computer data that has been damaging our national security and economy, but the increasing number of cyberattacks that have threatened our critical infrastructure as well as jeopardized our collective personal safety.

Social Networking: What the Heck are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn???
Abby Stokes, author, A Friendly Guide to Everything Digital for Newbies, Technophobes and the Kicking & Screaming

Abby will explain what everyone is talking about when they bring up Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. She’ll also share how you can enjoy the benefits without risking the loss of your privacy.

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