Spring has Sprung!

daffodillsFirst, I would like to welcome all new members who have joined The Victoria Computer Club (BB&C)in the last few months.  We hope you will make new friends, learn a great deal and volunteer if you can.  Our motto is ” Users helping users”.

We have made a few changes around the premises. By rising before dawn on Black Friday GEORGE was able to get an excellent 40” flat screen TV which has been mounted in the window to tell anyone going by that the Victoria Computer Club is HERE!

Thanks to BOB MCINTYRE who took up the challenge last year and (with a little help from his friends) weeded, labelled and shelved the books in the library. If you would like to borrow any items ask Bob for help. This is your library, and although many think that they can find all they want to know on the internet – not true. Books and CD/DVD’s still have a place in the computer world. You can go directly to the Library catalogue from the Home page to browse.

Martin Brooks has continued his carpentry work and rewiring in the Clubhouse.  The WIFI has been updated as well. Thanks again Martin.

We are still waiting for a new fridge for the backroom.

A number of housekeeping notes:

George and Cody Gregory are still working on the new website and the executive is working on the name change which requires dealing with the BC Societies Act.  This is ongoing at the moment.

REMINDER!!  It would be appreciated if those who have not done so would provide a photo for the membership list. You can get one taken at the Clubhouse or bring one of your own on a portable device. If you have a spare name tag at home maybe you could wear it to the club. If enough of you do so we could have a place for you to leave them.


The above picture was taken at the last Women’s Brunch/Lunch Group held at the Glo Restaurant.  We often have up to eight attending but even if it is just a few of us we enjoy the conversation ( and yes we often talk about all things digital) and the friendship.  This group has been meeting for nearly twenty years with some of us belonging from the beginning.  We welcome new women members of the Club to join us.

Once again we had a presence at the Seniors  event at Pearkes arena.  Our booth looked great with our new TV monitor with the slide show of member’s activities.  We had a lot of people stop by and reconnected with some former members as well.

Please let me know of any items of interest for this column.  They could include: a write up on an interesting trip you have taken, any article of interest on computers you would like to recommend or of general interest.

Cheers – Mary

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  1. I enjoy your posts. Thank you Mary. That was quite the year that was! Hugs all round.

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