APCUG’s November 6, 2021 Virtual Technology Conference (VTC) and Annual Meeting

Welcome to APCUG’s November 6, 2021
Virtual Technology Conference (VTC) and Annual Meeting
Four Association of PC User Group sessions.  

Click here to register– https://forms.gle/mbfN1DsT23hDsdkNA

Registration CLOSES at 11:30 pm ET on Friday, November 5 

More information and bios: https://www.apcug2.org 

You do not need a Zoom account to attend the VTC. Please update to the latest version of Zoom before attending the conference. www.zoom.us/download

Unlike the Wednesday Workshops, you do not have access to the microphone. Please ask your questions in the Chatbox; the moderators (Bill James, Track 1 and John Kennedy, Track 2) will ask the questions. If there isn’t time for all of the questions to be answered, Judy will send them to the speaker and forward the answers to those who put their first and last name (only) into the Chatbox for each presentation they attend.

If there are any handouts for a presentation, those who have added their names to the Chatbox will receive them as well as the YouTube link to the presentation.

Mark Schulman, Member, Central Florida Computer Society

Digital photos ought to last forever. Digital photos don’t fade with time and can be protected against natural disasters such as fire and floods. That’s the theory, anyway.  And yet if you’re one of the millions of people with a digital camera, the chances of your great-grandchildren ever seeing your digital photos are very slim. Find out why the odds are stacked against you, and what you can do to increase the chances that your family historian 200 years from now will be able to enjoy the photos you’re taking now.

9am Track 2 : Finding and Using Historical Newspapers
Sue Mueller, Genealogy SIG Organizer, Computer Users of Erie

Newspapers record not just basic details on your relatives, but also stories about their lives and information important to their communities. This session will help you understand digitized collections and locate free newspaper sources online. Learn how to search and what you can find.

10am Track 1 : Is Cyber Security Really Important? Bob Gostischa, Avast Evangelist

Paying attention to Cyber Security is more critical today than it has ever been. COVID-19 has exposed many more vulnerabilities than in prior years. More of us are now working from home, many children are learning from home, and many of us have added more IoT devices to make our lives easier. Unfortunately, these devices present their own dangers, which need to be addressed.

This presentation points out the dangers and offers suggestions that will aid in keeping you secure. Using the right programs and apps can help keep you safe and secure and reduce your privacy exposure. Using free programs and apps whenever possible to accomplish this goal is a bonus, and this presentation includes information on many recommended free programs. Join presenter Bob Gostischa as he guides you towards secure Cyber Security practices.

John Krout,
 Presenter & Newsletter Contributor, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society

Learn how you can find your phone when it is misplaced nearby. Learn how to prepare your phone to be found by a good samaritan (help the finder contact you) and by a bad apple (prevent the finder from using your phone and accessing its contents), as well as how to convince the police that a phone in their custody is in fact yours.

11:15 am : Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting will be held after the VTC, everyone is encouraged to attend to learn about what is happening with APCUG. There will be reports by various officers and committee chairs as well as information about the 2022 election and 2021 contest winners. There will be a Q&A session after the meeting.

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