9am November 10 & 17 APCUG Zoom Wednesday Workshops Q&A

November 10 at 9 am PT :   Windows
November 17 at 9 am PT  :   Linux

11/10 – Windows Q&A
Register Here https://forms.gle/isnPzhHungTrPMvXA
Registration closes at 8:30 PT on November 9.

11/17 – Linux Q&A
Register Here https://forms.gle/6BcuCqYLZNov5YvB8  
Registration closes at 8:30 PT on November 16.

Do you have burning questions you need answered about your computer? Are you having trouble finding those answers locally? Do you want to know whether others have the same questions or maybe someone else has the answer to your questions? How about the possibility that you have answers to someone else’s questions they are trying to find? Or do you like to know what other people are asking and what answers are out there? If so, you want to join our APCUG November Wednesday Workshops where we will “Ask Away” in an Open Q&A and spend time letting people ask questions and have other people answer those questions.

We’ll have two different Workshops. On November 10, we will focus on any and all questions about the Windows operating system. And then, on November 17, we will focus on any and all questions about the Linux operating system. We’ll have a team available each week to start the ball rolling with answers, and we will open it up to anyone in the audience that might have the answer if they don’t.

Please register for both if you are interested in both operating systems. And if you have a burning question you want to get to the top of the list, put that question on the Workshop registration form, and we’ll address those questions first. Then, after all those questions have been answered or tabled for further research, we will open the floor for additional questions and answers.

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