Buy and sell used cell phones to other club members

Club members with smartphone service contracts are often offered new phones by their cell phone service providers when their 2 year contract finishes, often at no extra cost. They sometimes retire their old cell phone to a drawer, sometimes to a stack of old phones.   (We are talking about smartphones here, not very old clamshell cell phones. )  These smart phones should be worth no more than $75. (The markup by commercial resellers on these old smartphones seems exorbitant.)

In the mean time we have members without smartphones who need older low cost cell phones for emergency phone calls and for two factor authentication of a couple of important accounts, e.g. their email account and their password manager account.

The computer club can help bring these two parties together.  We can wipe the old phone of any personal data,  and help set it up with a phone number and authenticator, ready for use.  The computer club would not buy or sell the phone, but help connect these parties, and offer technical support.  The club offers no warranty.

If you want to be on either side of this trade, please give George Bowden a call at 250-893-7423.

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