Android Class – March 15, 2018

  • Started with everyone checking in Play Store to ensure their apps are up to date.  Explained how to do this by pressing the 3 bars in the top left of the program.  My apps and games, and it will show how many updates are required.  Please make sure you are on WIFI in your own home, as if it’s a phone you could incur data charges.  If it’s a tablet, you will be fine.  If there are many to do, just do a few at a time as the UPDATE ALL can take a long time.
  • Check your settings by pressing the 3 bars, go to Settings, check the Auto-update apps setting – you have 2-3 options.  Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only is my setting (Dorothy)

Watched most of the following video of a recent APCUG course I took one Saturday:


Reviewed one of the following websites for Apps, so we can continue with this in the future.  Showed everyone if they go to there are 100+ free online courses they can take on their own at

Tech Boomers Resource site –

Here are some of the Tech Boomers Top 15 Apps

Links to visit in the future or on your own if you wish

Mentioned about a few apps in our discussions – Translate – which is built in with Google.  Try it out and see what it does for you!

Also, take a look at KEEP – a good note taking app, talk to it, take pictures, make bulleted lists


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Begin Computing

Over the past few weeks, Charles has been organizing and teaching the photo gallery project.

First, there was the presentation of the survey results, from which we chose the photo album project

Then the January 29th overview of Organizing Photos

And lastly, the February 8th presentation of digitizing your photo prints with Google Scan or PhotoMyne, or just a digital camera, and uploading them to Google Drive or PhotoMyne.

There are several files you can download from this folder:
1. Photo Story 3 – Pstory.msi
2. Photo Slideshow creator (Wondershare) – dsb_delus_setup_full18.exe
3. Photo Slideshow creator (filmora) – filmora_setup_full846.exe
4. Picasa – picasa-3-9-138-150-multi-
and pixlr and phtoscape

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Draw winners

John O’hara (November), Joan Greig (December), Julie Anderson (January) and Dieter Hettstedt (February) were the winners of the monthly draw for a $20 gift certificate from London Drugs (purchased by the club).

Sessions with a drop-in fee (Mondays and Thursdays) have a draw, and the winning ticket is entered in the monthly draw. The 2018 AGM voted to continue this draw.

Congratulations John, Joan, and Julie

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Annual General Meeting Highlights, January 23rd 2018

The Victoria Computer Club Annual General Meeting, was held January 23rd 1:30pm at 286 Hampton Road Saanich (Silver Threads).
Formal minutes will be available soon.  In the meantime, here are some highlights:

  • George gave a short presentation, on the training topics survey and the tutorial registration form. Attendees asked for iPad instruction and more Windows app instruction
  • Minutes of the AGM 2017 were approved
  • Motions passed:
    • 1) To convert all current Associates to Regular memberships.
    • 2) To make the changes shown the Minor cleanup of bylaws
    • 3) To continue free monthly draw for gift certificate for attendees of paid events passed unanimously.
    • 4) To continue membership fees at $25 per year passed unanimously.
  • President thanked all volunteers by name and function
  • Treasurer gave his reports of Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Membership director reported about 165 members, an increase of about 20
  • Election of Directors for 2018.
    • For President, Dorothy Cushway.
    • For Vice President, George Bowden.
    • For Treasurer, Martin Brooks.
    • For Secretary, Rosa Benjamin.
    • For Membership Director, Iain Fletcher.
    • For Training Director, Rick Weatherhead.
    • For Member at Large , Ed Prior.
  • Many thanks go to departing board member Barkley Cox for his many years of service as Clubhouse director and Vice President.
  • First executive meeting will be 1:pm feb 26 2018
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Exec Minutes for November 20, 2017

Attending: Dorothy, George, Rick, Barkley, Anne (Silver Threads), Ian, Martin 

President’s Report – George Bowden

Continue reading

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Computer Basics, Windows 10, Session 1

How we can make it work better for us.
Tips & Tricks by Charles Kim

December 18, 2017  at Computer Basics
Click here to download the PDF 

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Professional Scammer Charges Credit Card $950

“He didn’t say he was a scammer, so…” By the definition of paid vs unpaid services, a scammer is a professional.  Since some professionals are certified and ethical, is everyone who charges lots, ethical?   Victims actually believe when they are quoted hundreds of dollars (professional prices), they need to give out their passwords, credit card info, email addresses, and complete computer access to computer repairmen on the internet.  Victims won’t admit they have been taken.

SOFTWARE SUPPORT.txt    $749.99 (US dollars)

  • remove all the errors and warnings.
  • remove all the trojan infection.
  • install network firewall security.
  • install anti-hacking softwares.
  • reinstall all the stopped microsoft drivers. Will protect your ip.
  • update all the scurities. update microsoft office 2016 update all the malwares and antivirus. email protection.
  • banking protection.
  • clean up, optimization, fix the set of drivers. backup your data.
  • repair Windows operating System.

$749.99 (US dollars)

If you volunteer your services, you will likely be under-valued by some people.

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Getting Started With Genealogy, and Conventions

Slides from

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Tues. Nov. 28: Are Chromebook Laptops Better for Seniors? Now No Drop-in Fee

Staples Technology Expert Sean Cleaver, alongside of Tara Smith Manager at Staples Victoria present the benefits of Chromebook laptops for seniors. They will be providing

  • a hands-on demonstration and open discussion (where questions are welcomed) to help explain their suitablility for seniors.
  • different options that we have both in-store and online to compare model features (such as a touchscreen) and why that may be desirable.
  • different options that Staples can provide for both technical and hardware support through their Easycare program.

There is no Drop-in-fee now. An optional lunch and social for $6:50 starts an hour earlier, at 12:30

RSVP by email to   by Sunday, Nov 26

  • for Chicken / Egg / Seafood Salad Sandwhich and Soup, $6:50
  • and / or for the presentation so we can choose the right size room.
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Turkey Dinner, $15, Tuesday, December 12th, 12:30pm

Tickets are on sale till December 5th  from club volunteers for our annual Turkey Full Lunch:  December 12th, 12:30 pm

Menu: Turkey & stuffing, Mashed potato & gravy, Brussels sprouts & carrots, Toffee cake with shortbread, Tea & Coffee

Cost / person: $15, tax included.  No drop-in fee.

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