Google Photos – May 22 – Ron Brown from APCUG

Ron Brown from Comox and APCUG, gave a very informative presentation, with lots of learning for all of us.  Please review and try some of the features mentioned.  I never knew Continue reading

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Android Class – I’ve lost my Android! – May 17 – Dorothy

Here are the class notes:

We covered many interesting things we should do BEFORE we lose our Android phone or tablet, as well as using the Google features to Find my phone.  This ended up being a very good learning experience for us all.

Write down the IEMI, Model, Make, Serial Number and put it somewhere safe!  Take a picture and save in the cloud.

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Windows 10 Tips – May 7 & June 18 – Dorothy

Notes are at this link

We covered aspects of Windows 10 such as Desktop, History of Updates, Personalizing the Start menu, Change Desktop, Background, Theme, Lock Screen, Windows 10 built in Apps, Microsoft Store and some Keyboard Shortcuts.

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There are a lot of public events taking place in the month of May, choose the event and
time that works for you and get out and get some great photos!

Victoria Highland Games at Topaz Park Admission Seniors $10.
Saturday May 19 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sunday May 20 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Monday May 21 8:00 to 5:00 pm

Victoria Day Parade On Douglas Street Mayfair Mall to Belleville Street
Monday May 21st 9:00 am to Noon Continue reading

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Avoiding Obsolecence

We are drowning in discarded devices and competing information.  Withdrawing is one solution, but perhaps a few wise decisions will save us.   This presentation was given May 14th by George Bowden,

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Free 2018 Spring Virtual Tech Conference

Club members can attend the Spring session May 5th free REGISTER AT:  Continue reading

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Scott Munro presents two apps from the Greater Victoria Public Library.  

Tue Apr 24, 12:30  Lunch, and 1:30 Presentation. (10am Help session is cancelled) Here is a corrected link to RSVP by Sunday, to help us plan the room and lunch:  If it fails you can email
Presentation – 1:30 – 3pm Scott Munro will be showing us how to use two apps from the Greater Victoria Public Library.  
Please check out the following before attending:

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Chromebook’s planned obsolescence

Though I am still a promoter of Chromebooks, we must now be aware of Chromebook’s planned obsolescence, and take extra extra care when buying a chromebook. Continue reading

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Additonal Security Tips

Dorothy taught the Monday class on March 26, continuing on from George’s previous Security slides referring to passwords, Last Pass and how to become secure with your accounts.

Here is a link to Dorothy’s class notes on her ideas of Security, as well as links to many classes you can take to learn on a continual basis.


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Android Class – March 15, 2018

  • Started with everyone checking in Play Store to ensure their apps are up to date.  Explained how to do this by pressing the 3 bars in the top left of the program.  My apps and games, and it will show how many updates are required.  Please make sure you are on WIFI in your own home, as if it’s a phone you could incur data charges.  If it’s a tablet, you will be fine.  If there are many to do, just do a few at a time as the UPDATE ALL can take a long time.
  • Check your settings by pressing the 3 bars, go to Settings, check the Auto-update apps setting – you have 2-3 options.  Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only is my setting (Dorothy)

Watched most of the following video of a recent APCUG course I took one Saturday:


Reviewed one of the following websites for Apps, so we can continue with this in the future.  Showed everyone if they go to there are 100+ free online courses they can take on their own at

Tech Boomers Resource site –

Here are some of the Tech Boomers Top 15 Apps

Links to visit in the future or on your own if you wish

Mentioned about a few apps in our discussions – Translate – which is built in with Google.  Try it out and see what it does for you!

Also, take a look at KEEP – a good note taking app, talk to it, take pictures, make bulleted lists


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