Retrieving files from a backup

don-t-panic-buttonRecently I used Macrium Reflect, free edition, to back-up a member’s whole computer before upgrading it to Windows 10 with a fresh install.  After a couple of weeks, the member could not find his photos on the new Windows.  So I used Macrium Reflect to recover the lost files.

Macrium Reflect mounts the backup as an image with a new drive letter, and you can explore that image with Windows File Manager (or whatever Microsoft calls it this year) to search and recover  lost files and folders without restoring the whole backup and un-doing your upgrade.  You can do this exploration on a different computer, or an upgraded computer. This works even if you are using the free version of Macrium Reflect.

Here is a video  showing how to do this.  You should play the video in a browser like chrome or windows explorer.  Pause the video or backstep it if it goes too fast for you.


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