Presentation September 27th Desktop vs Online Apps

img_20160920_141431550Do you need desktop apps, or are online apps sufficient?  And why might you want to use online apps instead?  I am at the corner of Calle de La Portes de Jesus, in the city of Palma, Spain, writing this with only my laptop, and it is just a cheap 2.5 pound chromebook at that. Admittedly, I am sitting in the cafe across from the Movistar cell phone store, so the wifi is better than some places, but most every bar and hotel has free wifi of some sort.
So do you need to carry, or even own, a computer that runs desktop apps?

On Tuesday, September 27th, at 2pm at Silver Threads Pasmore Center I will present the choices of using online apps vs desktop apps for common tasks, e.g. email, photo editing, word processing, spreadsheets, travel maps, making phone calls, etc.  The slide show is here 

img_20160920_125514754Lunch is at 1pm, and costs 4 Euros.   Oh, I mean about $7 for soup and sandwich.  Please RSVP to as to whether you will come to the presentation and whether you want lunch (indicate egg, chicken or fish sandwhich –lunch is optional)

The rain in Spain does not stay on the plain!!

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