Minutes of May 6 Exec meeting

Held Monday May 6, 2019 at 12:30

Attended by:  Dorothy Cushway, George Bowden, Rosa Benjaman, Anne Nelson, Barclay Cox, Charles Martin, Dawn Goodwin

President’s Report – Dorothy Cushway

  • Will be off for the next few months with recovery from hip
  • Laptops – are we getting them updated once per month?
  • Looks like lots of new members joining
  • Attendees to Tutorial & Social sessions: March 67 , April 62
  • Classes – Monday classes on July 8th and Aug 12th only.  Genealoy cancelled for summer
  • Potluck Picnic at Government House on 11am on August 21st
  • May presentation Island Savings Safe Online Banking on Thursday May 30th and June 27th
  • George to call Murray cancelling Genealogy.
  • Postpone Photogroup from May to June 6th

Treasurer’s report:  

  • Islander Regular $3,421.29
  • Premium Savings Business 0 $4,156.40
  • FWCU Membership Shares 0 $5.48
  • Membership = 171 (another 11 joined)

Vice President’s report Course Cancellations

  • Friday 1-1 tutorial for the summer starting May 17
  • Saturday 1-1 tutorial cancelled in July and August
  • Apple group.  Recap of last month’s topic music app store and apple music, break, Apple news and Apple news plus


Presentation Topic  Sunsetting of Windows 7 – online class to show possibly?

Saturday May 18th 9:30-11:30 STS open house.  Advert in Focus on Seniors. George to post to VCC website

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