Minutes for Aug 14, 2017 exec meeting

Attending: George, Rick, Martin, Dorothy Ann (Silver Threads)
Excused: Barkley, Ian
1. President’s Report
– bought 2 laptops and chrome book ($169) – $475 + taxes, working very well. All refurbished and work great. Need to backup somehow
– 6 PC’s need to be updated to Creator’s Edition and any backups as required
– Gord to be responsible for updates and technical.
– Need 6 dongles as well as microphones that are working
– Gord to report to Rick as to what needs to be done.
ACTION – microphones, Windows 10 Creator’s Edition, dongles, backups
– want people to start getting used to it, such as the volunteers
ACTION – need to get the S/N off all the computers and monitors, as well as any other inventory. Needed for the front desk. Figure out an approximate price for insurance purposes.
– Things are working out well with STC and may open 9:30 – 11:30 starting after labor day on Saturdays in the library. Pick a topic for people 55+. Need to find out if it will be a drop in or lesson. At the moment we think drop in as we are short on teachers.
ACTION – George to work with Martin on signing in to Executive
– Possibility that George may have to move to Port Alberni in Sept for a while but not sure yet. Won’t be able to teach thus we require another teacher.
– Emails to be sent out weekly – Faith won’t be able to do this as going away for a
Training needs to be organized and decided on what we want to learn.
ACTION – need topics for classes for Sept, Oct … need to organize and backup teach – positions for next year. George is not going to be President, will do web work, but time to move forward. Martin needs a new Treasurer, but will do it if no one will volunteer. Rick, Dorothy, Barkley (?) will remain in current positions.
– backup membership Director, new President, new Treasurer
ACTION – make George write a job description of what he does
– voted to purchase a 17” laptop for instructor, feel it’s not needed, the 15” works well now.
– Sold the shelving for $275, money has been passed to Martin.
ACTION – Change Lunch at 12 – 1 – meeting starts at 1:30 for monthly presentations Update calendar entries
2. Vice President’s Report
– picnic at Government House on Weds Aug 16 – have the pop, water, snacks, will bring black garbage bags and make 24 cupcakes to keep cake costs down.
– speakers – will contact the following and any other ideas we can think of. Al Perry,
Priority One, U Vic Speakers Bureau, Staples
– need to find out how many are coming for lunch and the speakers
– rather than paying for the space now that we are there, Ann will speak with Ro regarding the monthly meetings and if they can collect for the drop in fee and the lunch at the front desk. If not we will collect. This will be a trial in September.
– $1.60 and $4.75 for non membership – Ann will confirm with Ro if they can pay the fees at the desk
– we will do the 50/50
3. Treasurer’s Report
Sold everything we can sell. All bills have been paid as of Aug 14, 2017. All that will change if we sell more memberships or buy computers.
Total Assets $7,417.43
Possibly half the assets could be used for buying some new laptops. Sooner or later we need to get new equipment as the old equipment will be breaking down. We have 3 laptops now, only had 10 at the old clubhouse, so need 7 more. Rick sees that we may grow to 12 laptops, plus people who bring their own laptops. Average of 22, half with laptops will be good. Possibly buy 4 at one time in the next round of purchasing.
Damage deposit received from old clubhouse. Mail still getting delivered; make changes to addresses when George gives you a letter Should we make a motion to have members piggyback on a purchase of bulk laptops. Motion defeated as we felt if there were problems with them, it would be too much work.
Approve $3,000 for next round for a minimum of 4 laptops. 15”
George moved. All approved
Membership: 155 currently which is very good.
Is Silver Threads getting more out of us being at the centre? Ann said they are very happy as members coming to do other activities as well. Some of the STC people are also joining the computer club or dropping in.
– formalize what we will do on a Saturday, possibly be a drop in
– move items to new cupboards in the kitchen side, that way when we need to set up we won’t disrupt the people in that area, sounds great. Also a dolly can be used for the PC’s to move in to the library.
Meeting adjourned at 2 pm

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