Facebook – What is it

  • One form of Social Media
  • Stay connected to people you know
  • Announce successes and discoveries
  • Breaking news
  • Keep everyone updated on what’s going on in your life
  • Post pictures
  • Share ideas and opinions
  • Chat and video chat

Is it safe?

  • As safe as you make it with your settings and what you post
  • Learning to set this up is most important
  • Sharing with Friends not PUBLIC

Do I have to pay?

  • NO don’t pay for using Facebook
  • There will be add-on’s for games and 3rd party things, do not buy things on Facebook

Do I have to use my real name?

  • Be honest so you can connect with people you know
  • Family can become your friends

How am I supposed to know whom to trust?

Facebook Glossary

  • Chat
  • Friend
  • Like
  • Newsfeed
  • Postings (comment)
  • Profile
  • Tagging
  • Timeline
  • Wall
  • Books for Reference from Library

Some of the books may be dated, but there is useful information in them all:

  • The Rough Guide to Social Media for Beginners
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Sam’s Teach Yourself Facebook in 10 Minutes – 3rd Edition
  • Teach Yourself Visually Facebook – Ben Harvell
  • The Facebook Guide for Peopleover 50 – Paul McFedries
  • Facebook for Seniors Quick Steps – Carole Matthews
  • Visual Steps Social Media for Seniors
  • http://www.visualsteps.com/socialmedia/
  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Facebook – 3rd Edition
  • Facebook All in One for Dummies

FACEBOOK Beginner’s Course – 

  • Understand your Home Page
  • Screen sizing – 4 columns or 3?
  • Home
  • Timeline – News Feed (old name Wall)
  • Find Friends
  • Account Settings
  • Security Settings
  • Newsfeed – Click F(acebook), Home, News Feed (Top Stories/Recent)
  • Home Page Menu Bar
  • Facebook Home Page
  • Friend Requests
  • Messages – New, Send
  • Notifications
  • Search
  • Your Name, ie Dorothy – What people See (profile)
  • Down Arrow icon – Settings
  • Using Help Centre
  • Activity Log Viewing
  • Post in “What’s on your Mind”?
  • Status, Photo, Place, Life Event
  • Select Audience, POST
  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, never
  • Visit a friends Timeline and Post something
  • Remove a post
  • View Activity Log (2009 -2015)
  • Go to Settings, Download a copy of your Facebook Activity
  • Friends
  • Share with all friends comments
  • Share with selected friends
  • Private message friends
  • Chat on line
  • Ways to find friends in Search Bar
    • Type Find Friends in search bar, click on icon with Facebook ONLY
    • Type someone’s email
    • Type person’s name
    • Search by location, school, work, interests
  • Facebook Suggestions on right column
  • Confirm a friend request or Ignore (they will not see)
  • CLICK YOUR NAME – FRIENDS SHOW UP, use that search box
  • For Security purposes everyone that is your friend does not need to see your friend list, Click on your name, Friends, click on the pencil, Edit Privacy and chose “ONLY ME”
  • Creating Friends Lists
  • Look on the left column and look for Friends and to the right click MORE, then you can create Friends Lists
  • Hide Stories, Comments, Notifications from your News Feed
  • Custom Posts
  • Create an Event – left column
  • Bottom Right Corner – CHAT AREA
  • Notes – a Form of Blogging
  • Uploading a photo/Video
  • Creating a photo Album
  • Share albums via email link
  • Share albums with “Friends” right click at bottom
  • Video Chatting – must install Facebook Video Chatting, as well as the person you want to chat with. Both devices need a webcam.
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