Facebook Security Notes

Here are some notes Dorothy sent along:

Facebook Security

What does Security mean to you?

  • Adjust your account settings to ensure you only have friends viewing your Facebook
  • Make sure password is STRONG and change on a regular basis
  • Make sure you log out of shared computers, otherwise anyone can get in to your account
  • Don’t include sensitive information, ie. Where you live, phone numbers, email address, cell phone number, etc
  • If your account is hijacked and the hacker has changed the password, go to Facebook and to the “FORGOT MY PASSWORD” and change it with the on-screen instructions, that way Facebook can email you a new password.  Make sure you have an email account associated with your account.
  • Trust your instincts, if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t do it
  • Don’t advertise you are away on vacation
  • Facebook will never email you asking for your login information
  • Beware of Scams and phishing (a method used by criminals to get your personal information)
  • If it’s too good to be true, it is
  • If you think a friend has been hijacked, let them know to change their password
  • Reporting Scams – click on “Report a link” and follow on screen instructions.  Email abuse@facebook.com telling them the member who is bothering you or if it’s an advertiser, email advertise@facebook.com   Be very specific in the details.

Some Information from the Facebook Help Centre

Here are 6 things you can do to help keep your account safe:

  1. Protect your password:
    • Don’t use your Facebook password anywhere else online.
    • Never share your password. You should be the only one who knows it.
    • Avoid including your name or common words. Your password should be difficult to guess.
  2. Use our extra security features. (https://www.facebook.com/help/413023562082171)
  3. Make sure your email account(s) are secure.
  4. Log out of Facebook when you use a computer you share with other people. If you forget, you can log out remotely.( https://www.facebook.com/help/174571515935086)
  5. Run anti-virus software on your computer:
  6. Think before you click or download anything.


  1. Click drop down arrow, top right corner of the Top Navigation Bar, click Settings, Click Privacy
    1. Click Use Activity Log, click Activity Log – you can hover over the Pencil to the right of each item and delete/Unlike and remove this from your Timeline
  2. Go to YOUR NAME along the Top Bar, Click the 3 dots …Click Timeline Settings
    1. Review these settings
    2. Go to the PADLOCK, do a Privacy Check up and make any changes as necessary
  1. Click the Padlock, go to the bottom to Privacy Basics – Review on your own time
  2. Go to drop down arrow, top right corner of Top Navigation Bar, Settings
    1. Security
    2. Privacy
    3. Timeline & Tagging
    4. Blocking
    5. Ads – go to 3rd Choice, Manage Preferences, Edit – delete out companies that you don’t want
  3. Support Inbox
    1. Safety Center
    2. Bullying Center
    3. Safety Check
  4. Go to YOUR NAME  …
    1. Click on the 3 dots …See if your profile has changed
  1. Videos
    1. Change the Video Settings to OFF – this makes it so that videos don’t play when you scroll down your News Feed

Photos – put your USB stick in the PC/Laptop

  • Lend a personal touch to Facebook
  • Sharing with Family and Friends, events and up to the minute pictures
  • Wedding, birth, winter storm, flowers, endless possibilities
  • Individual photos get added to an album, where as if you upload a series of pictures, you can give your album a name


  1. Upload 1 photo in your What’s On Your Mind Box
  2. Upload multiple photo’s to create a photo album
    1. Pick your audience – Friends, Custom, List
  3. Review your Albums – who have you shared them with – Friends, Public ?
  4. Open a photo and Edit by clicking Options or Edit on the Right side
  5. Sharing your photos with a NON FACEBOOK friend
    1. Go to an album, Click the * in the top right corner and click GET LINK.  Copy the link and send in an email – works great
  6. Download a picture
  7. Change your Profile Picture or Cover Photo – Click on the Camera icons and browse to a picture you want to upload
  8. Uploading Videos – must be under 1 MB in size and made by yourself or your friends and under 20 minutes.

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