Exec meeting minutes for November 16

Exec meeting Minutes Nov 16
Posted on 2015/11/16 by George Bowden
CaptureA. Call to Order 7:15 pm Monday, Nov 16
Present: George Bowden, president; Martin Brooks, treasurer-secretary; Dorothy Cushway, clubhouse; Barkley Cox, Vice President,  Iain Fletcher Membership, Sharon Duncan

Agenda: Additions – none

B. Last month’s minutes: available online

C. Old Business
1) Bought the screen for monthly presentations
2) Signage: TV in the window working, Letters need to go up. Parking sign needs replacing with Dorothy’s
4) No publicity director: but Dorothy renewed the ads in Used Victoria, Craigslist.               Speakers – 83 Browsed, 2038 to date     Teaching – 420 Browsed, 11,604 to date              Membership – 206 Browsed, 12,031 to date

5) Membership online forms and processing: George, Faith, Joan and Cody can create members.  MICs can renew members.  Anybody who is logged in can see

D. Directors reports
D1. President – New Raspberry Pi meetup group started.  Need leader for iMobile group.
D2. Vice President –  Screen bought.  Meeting at Legion.
D3. Treasurer/Secretary – Monthly report. As of Oct 31 Bank balance was $9,734.77 .  Try to include Apple groups, brochures, business cards
D4. Membership: 158 adults 15 associates and one student.
D5. Clubhouse:   At Martins discretion, go ahead with two more wide tables.  Dorothy needs some cleaning help every two months for a couple hours to wipe surfaces.  Joan is supplying pop.  Motion for $150 to clean carpets approved.  Carpet for back door.

E. New Business

A. Courseware. New Raspberry, Facebook SIG running well.  SIG starts Dec 16th.
B. Christmas Gathering Thursday Dec 17th 1:30-4pm, bring an appetizer or dessert, at the clubhouse, tables to the side,  no tickets,  keep it simple.  Club provides punch, tea & coffee. Budget of $50.  Sharon to identify help she needs. George will help move tables.
C. Promotion:  $30 approved for printing 400 business cards.
D. Windows 10 upgrade committee consisting of George, John C, Gord, Ron Kehn approved.
E. Speakers needed. UVIC.ca/speakers .
F. need VP, Publicity and Training directors.   Ask members to forward Gloria’s email to their friends.
G. Dorothy will use clubhouse for non-members at $5 per person for Facebook training.

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