Begin Computing

Over the past few weeks, Charles has been organizing and teaching the photo gallery project.

First, there was the presentation of the survey results, from which we chose the photo album project

Then the January 29th overview of Organizing Photos

And lastly, the February 8th presentation of digitizing your photo prints with Google Scan or PhotoMyne, or just a digital camera, and uploading them to Google Drive or PhotoMyne.

There are several files you can download from this folder:
1. Photo Story 3 – Pstory.msi
2. Photo Slideshow creator (Wondershare) – dsb_delus_setup_full18.exe
3. Photo Slideshow creator (filmora) – filmora_setup_full846.exe
4. Picasa – picasa-3-9-138-150-multi-
and pixlr and phtoscape

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