APCUG Wednesdays at 9am

August 11 – It’s all about Cars!
August 25 – Review and New with the Linux Team

August 11 – Register here    https://forms.gle/6iqD7gBZQofyXD7b8
Registration closes at 11:30 ET on August 10.

Music in the Car with Ray Baxter, President, Payson Computer Meet-Up Club
Remember when it was so “cool” to have a push-button AM radio in the car? This presentation will review how to utilize your existing Compact Disc collection, now that many new cars no longer have a CD player, by streaming from an online service, using Bluetooth, flash drives, smartphones, etc.

Automotive Diagnostics and Blue Driver with John Krout, Presenter & Newsletter Contributor, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society
Learn how the commercial Blue Driver car interface, and the free Blue Driver app, enable you to read and maybe even understand the English-language descriptions of trouble codes recorded in your car’s internal network. All vehicles sold new in the U.S. since 1996 are required to include the standard interface to which the Blue Driver Bluetooth interface connects. Learn the difference between transient codes and permanent codes. Keep your car maintenance vendor honest by ensuring they focus on what is necessary according to your car.

August 25 – Register here    https://forms.gle/PqYwtFiCkh3CVD548
Registration closes at 11:30 ET on August 24.

Review and New with the Linux Team
This is a separate workshop not in the Learning Linux series and has a unique registration link. It is only for those new to Linux or interested in learning about Linux. And those attending our series who need to clarify and review some of what we have talked about.

The primary focus will be an open mic Q&A session where beginners can ask those questions they felt they couldn’t ask before. This will be the time for you to get the answers you need to some of those burning questions like: “What did you mean by .…?” or “Will you repeat ..…?” or “Show me again … ?” or “I still don’t understand ….?” or “How do you …?” or “Can you explain ……. in a different way?”

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