Annual General Meeting Highlights, January 23rd 2018

The Victoria Computer Club Annual General Meeting, was held January 23rd 1:30pm at 286 Hampton Road Saanich (Silver Threads).
Formal minutes will be available soon.  In the meantime, here are some highlights:

  • George gave a short presentation, on the training topics survey and the tutorial registration form. Attendees asked for iPad instruction and more Windows app instruction
  • Minutes of the AGM 2017 were approved
  • Motions passed:
    • 1) To convert all current Associates to Regular memberships.
    • 2) To make the changes shown the Minor cleanup of bylaws
    • 3) To continue free monthly draw for gift certificate for attendees of paid events passed unanimously.
    • 4) To continue membership fees at $25 per year passed unanimously.
  • President thanked all volunteers by name and function
  • Treasurer gave his reports of Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Membership director reported about 165 members, an increase of about 20
  • Election of Directors for 2018.
    • For President, Dorothy Cushway.
    • For Vice President, George Bowden.
    • For Treasurer, Martin Brooks.
    • For Secretary, Rosa Benjamin.
    • For Membership Director, Iain Fletcher.
    • For Training Director, Rick Weatherhead.
    • For Member at Large , Ed Prior.
  • Many thanks go to departing board member Barkley Cox for his many years of service as Clubhouse director and Vice President.
  • First executive meeting will be 1:pm feb 26 2018
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