2016 AGM Summary Minutes

From AGM Minutes for Victoria Computer Club, of Jan 21 2016,  held at the Clubhouse,. 85a Burnside Road West Victoria   Called to order at 2pm. 22 members present.

No change in member dues.


  • George Bowden – President
  • Dorothy Cushway -Vice President
  • Martin Brooks -Treasurer-Secretary
  • Iain Fletcher – Membership
  • Barkley Cox, Clubhouse

3. Reports from President, Treasurer (balance sheet) , Membership, Clubhouse

4. Old Business – The club name has been officially changed to the Victoria Computer Club

5. New Business –

  • 5.0 Name tags and a scheduling board will be provided for those wishing to use them.. George moved, Barkley seconded that we upgrade lab machines to Windows 10 in March.
  • 5.1. Set monthly meeting day of week. Tuesdays was accepted as the monthly meeting day
  • 5.2. Set membership fees, proposed at Adult:$85 unchanged, Associate:$25 unchanged, Student:$35 unchanged. Moved by Ron Kehn, Seconded by Gloria Turner, approved unanimously

6. Election of officers. The following were elected
George Bowden, President. Elected by acclamation.
Dorothy Cushway, Vice President, elected by acclamation.
Martin Brooks, Treasurer-Secretary, elected by acclamation.
Iain Fletcher, Membership, elected by acclamation.
Barkley Cox, Clubhouse, elected by acclamation. List of tasks
The following positions received no nominees: Training Director, Publicity Director

7.Meeting adjourned at 3:30pm

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  1. Alex Brown says:

    I tried to find the Email list of Members, as I have found in the past, but could not find the method to get in,
    and then get the Email address for Ian Flectcher.

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