Minutes for Executive Meeting May 18th 2015

A. Call to Order 7:15  pm Monday, May 18th
Present: George Bowden, president; Martin Brooks, treasurer-secretary; Iain Fletcher, membership; Dorothy Cushway, clubhouse;

Agenda: Additions – none

B. Last month’s minutes: available online

C. Old Business
1) Seniors show.  Contacts received need to be followed up.
2) Name change status.  See agenda for May 20th meeting.
3) Signage: TV in the window added timer, a bit awkward to operate.
4) No publicity director: but Dorothy renewed the ads in Used Victoria, Craigslist. Membership: 153 views, 10,039 have browsed it. Speakers 1533 browsed. Volunteer teaching 7,085 have browsed.
5) Website and payment forms , Moneris is finished,  confirmation letter received.  Paypal accepts Visa payments, 4 processed so far, costs about $2.70 per membership
6) Logo: owl wearing mortar board hat. Martin moved, Iain seconded that the owl with mortar board be the new logo for the club.

D. Directors reports
D1. President –
– Gallery on website. Tabled.
– Silver Threads cooperation.  George joined Silver Threads, but needs to follow up for fall classes.
D2. Vice President – Absent
D3. Treasurer/Secretary – Monthly report. As of April 30th Bank balance was $9,739.45
D4. Membership: 155 members, 26 renews coming in June, July, August
D5. Clubhouse: New  lab desk will be tried for a month before making more. Cost is about $120 total for the long and short desk across the isle. Cupboards re-arranged. Oodette donated some DVI cables. Printer cartridge needs refilling. Dorothy away July 15th to Aug. 7th.
E. New Business
Picnic. July 15th. If available. George to book with Saanich CRD by phone.
Courseware. Table till later meeting
Meetup. George moves to have the club rejoin meetup. 2nd by Dorothy unanimous.
Communications.  George demonstrated membership management as users in club wordpress site
F. Next exec meeting will be August 17th.   No meeting in July.

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