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Windows 10 Tips – May 7 & June 18 – Dorothy

Notes are at this link We covered aspects of Windows 10 such as Desktop, History of Updates, Personalizing the Start menu, Change Desktop, Background, Theme, Lock Screen, Windows 10 built in Apps, Microsoft Store and some Keyboard Shortcuts.

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Additonal Security Tips

Dorothy taught the Monday class on March 26, continuing on from George’s previous Security slides referring to passwords, Last Pass and how to become secure with your accounts. Here is a link to Dorothy’s class notes on her ideas of … Continue reading

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Android Class – March 15, 2018

Started with everyone checking in Play Store to ensure their apps are up to date.  Explained how to do this by pressing the 3 bars in the top left of the program.  My apps and games, and it will show … Continue reading

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Windows 10 tips

For Monday’s Computer Basics Group, here is a webpage of Windows 10 tips

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Facebook Security Notes

Here are some notes Dorothy sent along: Facebook Security What does Security mean to you?

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