Windows 10 – Shut Down Information

Windows_logo_-_2012.svgWindows 10 doesn’t offer much privacy by default: Here’s how to fix it

Windows 10 shares a lot of personal data with Microsoft, but you can turn most of it off.

“Windows 10, by default, has permission to report a huge amount of data back to Microsoft. By clicking through “Express Settings” during installation, you allow Windows 10 to gather up your contacts, calendar details, text and touch input, location data, and a whole lot more. The OS then sends it all back to Microsoft so that it can be used for personalisation and targeted ads.”

“That isn’t to say you should be happy about this state of affairs, however. If you’d like to retain most of your privacy and keep your personal data on your PC, Windows 10 can be configured in that way. Just be warned that there are quite a few toggles that need to be turned off, and you’ll lose some functionality as well (Cortana won’t work, for example).”

Read how to protect your privacy – see link below


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