Professional Scammer Charges Credit Card $950

“He didn’t say he was a scammer, so…” By the definition of paid vs unpaid services, a scammer is a professional.  Since some professionals are certified and ethical, is everyone who charges lots, ethical?   Victims actually believe when they are quoted hundreds of dollars (professional prices), they need to give out their passwords, credit card info, email addresses, and complete computer access to computer repairmen on the internet.  Victims won’t admit they have been taken.

SOFTWARE SUPPORT.txt    $749.99 (US dollars)

  • remove all the errors and warnings.
  • remove all the trojan infection.
  • install network firewall security.
  • install anti-hacking softwares.
  • reinstall all the stopped microsoft drivers. Will protect your ip.
  • update all the scurities. update microsoft office 2016 update all the malwares and antivirus. email protection.
  • banking protection.
  • clean up, optimization, fix the set of drivers. backup your data.
  • repair Windows operating System.

$749.99 (US dollars)

If you volunteer your services, you will likely be under-valued by some people.

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