October Wednesday Workshops at 9 am PT

October 13: Complete Robocall Defense, John Krout
October 20: Learning Linux with Orv Beach and John Kennedy
October 27 :Windows 11 Presentation & Demo, Tom Burt

10/13 – Complete Robocall Defense, John Krout, Presenter & Newsletter Contributor, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society
Register Here https://forms.gle/ppnY9ooVVL3hFtqD9
Registration closes at 8:30 pm on October 12.This presentation will show you:
  • How to prevent your smartphone from ringing when someone outside of your Contacts list calls.
  • How to create and install a custom voicemail greeting that includes the Special Information Tones (SIT) to convince robocaller systems that your number is not in service.
  • How to use the free Audacity app to create a custom voicemail greeting, including the SIT recording posted online by the presenter.
  • How a free app for Android enables the installation of a custom voicemail greeting via Wi-Fi.
  • Learn how simple cables allow iPhone users to install a custom voicemail greeting.

In 2019, John’s smartphone received about 25 robocalls per week and recorded nearly ten robocall voicemails per week. He applied deterrence techniques to his phone in mid-2020. Using the custom voicemail greeting technique, as of April 2021, the presenter’s smartphone now receives an average of 2 robocalls per week and no robocall voicemails.

10/20 – Learning Linux with Orv Beach and John Kennedy, Linux Evangelists
Register Here    https://forms.gle/FGgzQNDLiHpgEpCF9
Registration closes at 8:30 pm on October 19.

Join us this month as Orv will start things off by reminding us “Why Linux is So Secure.” He’ll follow that review presentation with information about vi/vim, nano, ne, and tilde? Say what? He’ll tell us what they are, why we would use them, and how to use them.

Then John will tell us about another feature of Linux in a presentation entitled “User Groups in Linux: Another Layer of Protection and Security.”  Following that, he will be sharing with us “Workspaces and Virtual Desktops.” What are they and the benefits of using them? And how do you set them up and use them efficiently?

And maybe, if there’s time, a few keyboard shortcuts to head you down the road to becoming a “power user” (this is for beginners as well as experienced users). We’ll also look at how you can create custom keyboard shortcuts that add to what’s available in your Linux distro. Finally, of course, we’ll have time for Q&A and some lively conversation.

10/27 – Windows 11 presentation & demo with Tom Burt, Vice President, Sun City Summerlin Computer Club, Nevada 
Register Here   https://forms.gle/YGn4qCfGaTXg67eK9
Registration closes at 8:30 pm on October 26.

Tom will give us a tour of Windows 11 with what’s new, what’s changed, and more. If your computer is Win 11 ready, you have a notice in Settings>Update & Security letting you know if your computer is ready for the download, mine is but….

We will need to decide if we want to upgrade or keep Windows 10 for a while longer, try Linux, or even WindowsFX, or there might be a Chromebook in our future.

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