Notes from Oct 31- Changes to email need understanding

Here’s the linkcapture to Microsoft’s end of support for Essentials 2012

From teaching the class, I realize one must separate and identify the independent parts of email systems.

First is the server of the sender’s email service provider and the server of the recipient’s provider.  These are contained in the internet, and not on your computer.  Second, and independent, is your method of accessing your email:

A.  Accessing by browsing your email

You can access your provider’s server using a browser, such as

  • Chrome,
  • Firefox,
  • Edge, or
  • Internet explorer

Enter  the server’s website address in the browser address box, such as

  • ,

The last part of your email address matches the server’s website address.  Some browsers are better matched to some servers, such as the browser Chrome to the server , but any combination will work for the most part.   To avoid having to log into each email server account, you can forward all your email to one account.

B.  Accessing by Downloading your email

Another, more complicated method of accessing your email on the server is to use a program that downloads emails to your computer and uploads your composed emails from your computer. (From the server, your emails are sent and received over the internet.)   Progams on your computer, called email clients, that do this are Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Office’s Outlook, Microsoft Mail which is part of windows 8 and 10, Eudora, and Thunderbird.  The complications arise because different protocols between your computer and your server must match, such as IMAP and POP.  Also, port numbers, passwords and encryption types must be matched between your server and your email client.  As a result, emails can get stuck in the outbox (ones you said to send, but not sent yet by the email client because of problems between the email client and the server.

Some people don’t trust leaving emails on the internet servers, but remember that you don’t control what the person at the other end of this email communication is doing with respect to security.  As Hilary has learned…

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