May 21st Monthly meeting, Lunch-1pm, Presentation-2pm

Gorge Vale Golf Course, Tillicum and Gorge Road, Esquimalt
Twilight Years or Starlight Years

A lifetime of knowledge, wisdom and experience should become more valuable as we get older, not less. With the transformation of the information age, current technologies have leveled the playing field for those contemplating part-time work, contracting, consulting or volunteering in their communities.  Whether you need to augment your income, or are looking for new challenges in the marketplace, online tools and strategies can equip you to re-invent yourself in a second or third career beyond the limitations of a traditional retirement.

Bryan Rempel, of Inter-Actions Social Media Services will address the issues, skills, and tools you need to succeed at the Victoria Computer Club monthly meeting, May 21st …. He is the owner of several education and technology-based companies, as well as an instructor in online marketing at the Camosun College School of Business. He will be sharing practical steps you can implement right away to turn those twilight years in to starlight years.

Please RSVP for a seat.  Those, and only those who register for lunch can be seated for lunch.

Involvement in your community can range from a full time job (paid), to full time volunteering (unpaid, and overworked). Retirement should lie between those poles, for example:

– part time work and volunteering, or
– part time contracting or consulting, or
– running a very small business or volunteer organization.

Earning income in these middle roles contributes to one’s sense of worth in the community.  Income will depend on your marketing skills, and sometimes on your ability to say no.  Online tools such as ebay, Used Victoria, email, and social media can be important in building your contacts list.

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