Executive Meeting Minutes – February 26 2018

Attending: Dorothy Cushway (President), George Bowden (Vice President), Iain Fletcher (Membership), Ed Prior, Director at Large, Rosa Benjamin (Secretary), Anne Nelson (Director, Silver Threads), Rick Weatherhead (Training, via Internet).

President’s Report

Dorothy welcomed Rosa Benjamin, and Ed Prior  to the club executive.

She outlined upcoming speakers from Feb 27 to May 22 . There were 20,249 views on Used Victoria Teachers ad  (see attached)

Vice President’s Report

The AGM Report was filed with the BC Societies Agency Feb. 15, 2018.  Cost $40

5 London Drugs Gift Cards were bought Jan. 31 as prizes for free monthly draw, per the AGM. Cost $100

Ed Prior volunteered to backup Martin if Martin is indisposed, as Treasurer.  Dorothy Cushway and Ed Prior will replace Joan Greig and Judith Forester as signatories on the Island Savings accounts.

George cleaned up website access.  Executives have roles elevated above Subscribers (regular members) (see attached email to Gord)

A cell phone is available  for the purpose of authentication of accounts at the cost of $25/year from 7Eleven.

George will continue to be the information officer.  He will continue to review, update and clean up the website.  

Now, only three people (President Dorothy, Systems Gord, and Info Officer George)  have the password to access the victoriaComputerClub.org Domain Name Account at namescheap.com. It takes any two to change the password.  The VCC Google account, VictoriaComputerClub@gmail.com password will also be limited to those 3 people. Calendar access, Individual documents and folders in the Google Account will be shared as needed.

George has renewed access to Techsoup, for the purchase of rollback software, 5 licenses ($35 total US) and Photoshop Elements 2018 for 1 licence ($35 US).  Gsuite (free) will be investigated, as Charles and George are still looking for a better way to share documents and messaging with students. Currently, comments on the website posts seem acceptable to most.

We will lose Charles in mid-March as a teacher (his choice).

Narmadha Keshav, the new volunteer will begin making presentations on Mondays in mid March.

The Club received a donation of a Chromebook valued $75 from Craig Miller.

The Club pays $37.50 per presentation monthly to Silver Threads to use the room, with the exception of July and August when we don’t hold meetings.

Membership Director Report

Given by Iain Fletcher: Life memberships: 3, Senior Members: 163.

75 memberships expire in 2018, 55 in 2019, 32 in 2020 and 1 in 2021.

Training Coordinator’s Report

Rick will work on a new list of presentation topics when he returns from Mexico.  He will put it on Google Drive.

George, Rick and Dorothy will take turns doing Monday presentations, supplemented by Narmadha Keshav and Ed and Charles. Rick wants to devote more time on his music.

Partnership with Best Buy is still in slow progress.  They would like to do presentations to the Club.

Secretary’s Report

The Binder will be kept up to date with regards to Minutes of Executive Meetings.

Director of Silver Threads Report

Anne will check into Narmadha Keshav, the new volunteer’s CV.

Furniture in the Library has been moved so that access to books is easier when meetings are in progress.

New Business

Actions taken to recruit new members:  one month free for new member and referring member need to be publicized.  Pamphlets need to be placed in GVPL library. George and Dorothy will do a presentation Mar 13 at Pro Patria Legion with member handouts.  Dorothy will be at the Seniors Show at Pearkes Arena on March 13 and all members asked to attend.

Volunteer tutors, presenters are also needed.

The club website was down again for several hours in February. George move to investigate a different website hosting service up to $200/yr.  Ed seconded the motion and it was carried.

The Steve Dotto videos are cancelled since they are available free on YouTube.  Tech Boomer is also free.

George needs help in the following: managing Meetup postings, VCC gmail, and website updating.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00.

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