Executive Meeting Minutes –  August 20, 2018,

Executive Meeting Minutes –  August 20, 2018, 10 am-12 pm

Present: Dorothy Cushway, George Bowden, Anne Nelson, Ed Prior, Gordon Collins, Rosa Benjamin, Charles Kim

1. Reminder will be sent out re Wednesday BBQ. Members are to bring a dish and be present at noon.

2. Chas will commence his Apple classes on September 13.  George  will send a poll to find out what level interested members are at.  He mentioned 2 podcasts by Al Perry.

3. Eeris has requested being replaced as leader of Camera Group  George will be a standby when available.  Dorothy suggested that video presentations can supplement showing members photos and will find out where members are at and obtain feedback.

4. Members appear not to be using what is being taught.  An effort will be made to find out what is relevant to increase their interest:  tax, medical, retirement, youtube, netflix, security, digital afterlife? Other strategies include:

Lots of notice re topics, Repetition of talks, promotion of chats on VCC site, etc.

Venues to promote membership:  Times Colonist, Strata Council Members, Legion, Volunteer Associations, Senior clubs.

5. September/October Classes
September 10 – Better Searching – Ed
September 13 – Apple Classes iPhone/iPad – Chas
September 13 – Facebook Review –  Dorothy
September 24 – Password Manager – George
September 20- Android – George
September 22- Camera Club – Eeris
October 1 – Password Manager and Scanning, Good practice in Security, Charles
October 4- Genealogy – Murray
Octobeer 14 – Facebook Follow Up, Digital Afterlife – Dorothy
October 18 – Android – George/Dorothy?
October 22 – Email and Skype, Chas/Ed?
October 25 – Camera Club – Eeris
October 29 – TBA

6. Two groups such as Genealogy and Android can meet at the same time by partitioning the Library if we change the monthly Tuesday meetings to a Thursday.  Further discussion to be done.

7. Dorothy and George will work on the Societies Act transition forms which are due in November.

8. The contract for Monthly Meeting Rental at Silver Threads will be increased to $39.38 and is signed. Instructors should remind members to pay Silver Threads for Monday tutorials.

9. New membership laminated cards with the number, QE code and anniversary date will be issued.

Meeting adjourned at Noon.

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