Exec Minutes for Oct 2, 2017

Minutes for Oct 2, 2017

Attending: Dorothy, George, Rick, Barkley, Anne (Silver Threads)

Missing: Ian, Martin

President’s Report – George Bowden

Discussion regarding the monthly draw – will vote/review in Jan AGM as to whether to continue this program 

Do we need a coordinator for the volunteers?

George proposes that he speaks to Gord to be the lead on the tutorial sessions.  [Gord accepted.]

Ongoing / ACTION – George and Gord are working on the passwords/digital authentication for all computers, accounts, etc within the club to get it so that the process will be easier to update.

Vice President’s Report – Dorothy Cushway

Speakers will be London Drugs for Oct 24 at 1:30. Would like to advertise so we get a good turnout.

Staples November 28 talking about new technology

December 12 or 19 – luncheon for members with turkey –Anne to find out – $15/person

January AGM

February – library? Al Perry ? Priority One? Presentations

Used Victoria Stats: Presenters – Browsed this month 279, total 2,933
Volunteer teachers – Browsed this month 1601, total 12,842
Membership – Browsed this month 705, total 11,474

Dorothy to explore putting an AD Booster on Used Victoria for the Teaching ad

 Training Coordinator report – Rick Weatherhead

Rewarding volunteers – coffee/cookies being extended by STC. We will be invited to the volunteer lunch at Silver Threads. Will think about how to do this like a potluck or have a lunch somewhere. Important to thank all the volunteers at various times in the year.

Volunteers from Computer club who do the teaching and tutoring, then there are others who have different roles in the club. STC have the volunteer lunch in April

Acknowledge volunteers at AGM and picnic.

Need to define volunteers – Motion: Executive can be reimbursed for drop in fees for sessions if it’s necessary for them to attend. All in favor, carried

Rick will not be here from Dec 1, Jan & Feb… Possibly longer. Need to get another instructor on board for Monday’s

November topics – applications under Windows, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Paint 3D and OneNote. Quick profiling of some of the features. George can do some of the training via Skype as the students will be looking at the screen.

Anne Nelson – Director Silver Threads

Clarify lunch on October 24th – Rick will be the point person for the front desk. We will still send out the message for lunches and George will advise how many want lunch. Process to buy lunch will be pay for drop in fee and lunch at the front desk

Gord wanted to buy a pot of coffee on Friday’s. Speak to the Brian’s to order one. Pot is $10 and people can pay .50 cents to help pay for it.

There will be a maximum of 1 refill at $0.25 for coffee starting today Oct 2, 2017. i.e. A series of coffees will cost $1.00; $0.25; $1.00, $0.25…

Christmas lunch – We can accommodate 30 of you for a Christmas turkey luncheon in the Activity Area at 12:00pm on Tuesday December 12th. The cost would be $15 / person. Due to space restriction, there would be no tutoring group that day. Please let me know if you would like me to book that.  [Booked by George]

We have 41 VCC members who have become STS members. The number is slightly higher than that as this does not include any people who were already STS members before the club moved in here in May or anyone who has taken a membership out through the Victoria Centre.

STS hours over the December holidays are:

    • Thursday, December 21st – Close at 2:00pm
    • Friday, December 22nd – Close at 1:00pm
    • Saturday, December 23rd – Closed
    • Monday, December 25th –  Closed
    • Tuesday, December 26th – Closed
    • Wednesday, December 27th – Close at 1:00pm
    • Thursday, December 28th –  Close at 1:00pm
    • Friday, December 29th – Close at 1:00pm
    • Saturday, December 30th – Closed
    • Monday, January 1st – Closed

    Miscellaneous Items

    Should we run tutorials on the Tuesday of our presentations? Answer is No from both standpoints of Silver Threads and Victoria Computer club. Room setup is the issue. There will only be one slot a month that doesn’t have a volunteer time.

    What’s being scheduled – our calendar is where we find out. We need to update the calendar for 2 months accuracy.

    Closed Nov 13, Dec 25, 26 and Dec 22 at 1 and 29th at 1 – no tutorials on those Fridays

    Password protect the all list – only sharing with Ian

    Current list – mlist – making available to whomever are renewing members

    With respect to our contact list, should we limit to the membership committee and Executive? Yes, but only one person should give it out. There is no reason people need to have other peoples emails.

    Membership is $31.50 at Silver Threads until end of March for those not joined at the moment.

    Meeting adjourned at 2:00

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