Exec meeting Minutes Jan 11, 2016

Exec meeting Minutes Nov 16

Call to Order 7:05 pm
Present: George Bowden, president; Martin Brooks, treasurer-secretary; Dorothy Cushway, clubhouse; Barkley Cox, Vice President,  Iain Fletcher Membership

Agenda: Additions – None

B. Last month’s minutes: available online.  Approved.

C. Old Business
1) Bought the screen for monthly presentations.  Get rid of old screens in closet?
2) Signage: TV in the window working, Letters need to go up. Parking sign replaced with Dorothy’s
4) No publicity director:  ads in Used Victoria, Craigslist.               Speakers – 175 Browsed, 3847 to date.     Teaching – 715 Browsed, 21,694 to date.              Membership – 366 Browsed, 19,245 to date.  Need to add Meetup for Scribus,  Windows10 (need to move to another day.),   Photo Sig, Genealogy.  Need a sign up to Meetup attendees speaking to attendance fee.
5) Business cards still to be made for AGM
6) John added to those who can create members
7) Christmas gathering well received.  Raffled liquors with creme were rancid. George out $22.  Kyle got LCBC to replace his.
8) Windows 10 plan slowly taking shape.  Will upgrade a machine to 10 and see if it needs more RAM, about $70.

D. Directors reports
D1. President – New Raspberry Pi meetup group are concerned they are outgrowing the space.  Need a meeting place in our back pocket when we overflow the clubhouse. Assigned to Barkley.
D2. Vice President –  Meeting costs rising: $12 for sandwhich + gratuity + tax, $3 for seat in legion room.
D3. Treasurer/Secretary – Income statement  Bank balance, plus petty cash, plus paypal, minus prepaids was $10,091.23 .
D4. Membership: 149 Adults and 14 Associates.
D5. Clubhouse: Met with Community Carpet Care, quote was $150, needs 15 days notice.

  • Carpets bought for back door. . Cleaning to be scheduled for April.
  • Lab 2 removed.. Will try loading Windows10 to see if that fixes it.  Station’s desk space to be used as laptop spot till then.

E. New Business
E1. AGM.

  • To be held at clubhouse?  Telecast to the back room.  Audio needs work.  Moved by George, Seconded by Martin, approved by all.
  • Dorothy accepted to run as VP.  George to write up job descriptions for other possible volunteers.
  • Next year’s exec to meet every two months. Agreed
  • Reports from President, Treasurer, Membership, Clubhouse
  • Print treasurer report? 20 copies.  Thanks for large donations.
  • Set membership fees at Adult:$85 unchanged, Associate:$25, unchanged, Student:$35 unchanged.  Now that we don’t produce newsletter, do these categories still make sense? Yes.
  • Who to file with society, now online, as done in past. Secretary, after AGM
  • AGM agenda listing
  • Facebook SIG will run every 3rd Wednesday, with RSVP.
  • Put up sign to turn on fan when eating in the back room

E2. Chromecast bought for casting lab computer chrome browser tabs to projector, some android phone screens to computer.  Gord donating HDMI switch.

E3. Silver threads proposes monthly presentation at Passmore center Tuesday afternoon.  Do we run both drop-in and monthly meeting?

E4. Seniors show booth offered..  Decline??

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