Exec meeting Agenda June 17

Exec meeting Minutes June 17  — A bit messed up because of revisions
Posted on 2015/08/17 by George Bowden
CaptureA. Call to Order 7:15 pm Monday, June 18th
Present: George Bowden, president; Martin Brooks, treasurer-secretary; Dorothy Cushway, clubhouse;
Excused: Iain Fletcher

Agenda: Additions – none

B. Last month’s minutes: available online

C. Old Business
1) Name change status. Bills, Phone listing , Paypal still has BB&C remnants
2) Signage: TV in the window added timer, a bit awkward to operate. Needs jpgs advertising fall events. Dorothy to  ask Laura to cut shrubs. Also need stick on lettering to complete window.
4) No publicity director: but Dorothy renewed the ads in Used Victoria, Craigslist.               Speakers – 83 Browsed, 2038 to date     Teaching – 420 Browsed, 11,604 to date              Membership – 206 Browsed, 12,031 to date

5) Membership online forms and processing: Who does what? Ron Kehn called by George Bowden to design new envelopes, or Barkley

D. Directors reports
D1. President – Picnic. July 15th.
– Gallery on website. Meeting with photo group this week
– Silver Threads cooperation. George joined Silver Threads, but needs to follow up for fall classes.
D2. Vice President –  Screen purchase approved up to $200. Approved.
D3. Treasurer/Secretary – Monthly report. As of April 30th Bank balance was
D4. Membership:
D5. Clubhouse: Printer cartridge needs refilling. Dorothy away July 15th to Aug. 7th.

E. New Business

A. Courseware. Table till later meeting
B. RSVP events.

Library booth.  September 19, 10:00am – 4:30pm
C. Next exec meeting will be Sept 21st.

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