Executive Meeting Minutes – Feb 25th 2019

A meeting of the executive was held monday, Feb 25th 12:30 pm
Attended by Dorothy, George, Barkley, Rosa, Ed, Dawn, Anne.

President’s Report – Dorothy Cushway

Laptops – George wants backups made of current laptops before buying more laptops. Gord needs time and help to install updates. Laptops still being left on at the end of sessions.

Dorothy suggested updating all laptops on 2nd Tuesday of each month for patch Tuesday.
Possibly remove REboot / Restore?

Felt our AGM went very well and thanks to all of you for stepping up to stay in your existing jobs, and welcome to Dawn Goodwin and Barkley Cox for volunteering for Director at large and Membership Coordinator. I think we have a good team.

Have had a successful few months with many members renewing or new members joining. George can update us on that in his report.

January had 85 members registered for classes per Ro’s register. This didn’t account for Tues, Friday, Sat drop-ins. Do we want to look at these numbers and create a spreadsheet for statistical purposes? Action item? Possibly Dawn wants to do?

George has reported to the BC Registry that our AGM has been completed. This cost $40 and is to be reimbursed to George.

AGM Minutes are to be posted, I believe we have finished reviewing them. George/Dorothy to Action

Used Victoria Stats to date are:
Speakers – Viewed – 352; Total 2,521; Teachers – 2,316 Viewed; Total 15,641; Membership – 1,054; Total 14,386; Camera – Viewed 66; Total 5,684

Rick Lavoie has come forward to volunteer to lead the camera group and will be here on February 28. He showed interest through Anne’s ad in Volunteer Victoria. He has completed all the Silver Threads paperwork, as well as the Police checks and reference checks. Dorothy to remove Used Victoria Ad? Done

Another person Scott Dyer has expressed interest in teaching and will be stopping by on a drop in day. Have emailed him about this Tuesday to drop in. We have not met with him yet.
Scott has received the paperwork from Anne for police checks and will drop by another time to chat.

I’m going to have to stop teaching on Monday’s as I am finding it hard to stand for 2 hours during the class. I will be away April, possibly surgery mid May, so will be away for a few months after that in recovery.

A few Notes from APCUG:
Reminder to get photo people to enter the Digital Photo contest for Sept
Ideas to put people’s questions in a bowl and then the teachers answer them
October is Cyber Security Month
Geeks on Tour – use them for a mode of teaching
Speaker’s Bureau – use and apply for live classes
How to Geek – use screenshots
Subscribe to https://hewie.net/winsig/ for interesting topics for the club
Jere Minch has interesting presentations – see front page of APCUG website
Zoom – try and make a presentation or use to have meetings

Vice President’s Report – Ideas for monthly meeting presenters: George Bowden. George to email Ron Brown, APCUG, about his presentation on traveling apps recently done. Al Perry’s shownotes.ca has presenters. Try Priority One, Peter. Need an update on using facebook.

Treasurer’s Report . Assets at the end of January are $7,422.24, about the same as last month.

Action to do: move paypal account from Martin Brooks to Ed Prior. Ed to investigate Coast Capital as a better bank for club.

Training Coordinator report – vacant (Acting – Dorothy Cushway)
Created a list and partially filled the dates. Will email all the trainer’s to fill in the dates until the end of June. We don’t have classes in the summer. Possibly Chas wishes to fill this position, will email him.

Membership Report: 160 members. Automatic emailing is happening, but George finds email from cozyhost, our server, are ending up in spam. George to investigate. George to send Barkley list of bouncing email addresses with member names. George to show Barkley how to use mlist to send out automated emails. Maybe follow up with a call.
Add a category of under55 volunteers that are not members and can only come to volunteer.

Anne Nelson – Director Silver Threads

There will be no changes to be made in the Computer Club brochure
Need someone to write “Tips of the Month” while Dorothy is away on the Silver Threads Newsletter and Times Colonist
The Computer Club already has a presence in Silver Threads so we do not need an Open House to promote it. We already have 162 members.
Suggestion to have a box of things for sale by the Club. We still have two desktops.

Miscellaneous Topics

1) Training classes/Teachers (see below)

2) Genealogy Group. George to remove Tuesday Genealogy from our help, and explain to Murray that we cannot sponsor that group because of lack of volunteer check, and its impact on attendance of the Thursday VCC session.   Suggestion:

  • First Thursday will be Genealogy and Android with divider pulled across,
  • second Thursday, Apple,
  • third will be Photo Group and
  • fourth, Presentations.

Probably start this in April, after groups are forewarned in March.
We need projector and screen, sort out requirements and technicality.

3) Camera Group. Remind group of APCUG courses Photo contest.

4) Speaker for February 26 – Better Business Bureau – Rosalind Scott – Top 10 scams of 2018

5) BBC.ORG Domain name Renewal – George offered to pay for domain renewal if he becomes the owner.

6) BC Registry updated for the year – $40.00 – George filed on line indicating we had the AGM meeting on January 22, 2019

7) Another teaching volunteer – Used Victoria – Scott – meeting him on Friday February 8, 2019 at 1:00

Dates for Training- Dorothy
Silver Threads will be closed April 22 and May 20

Mar 4-George, Bookmarks and Favourites, across devices
Mar.11, Ed-Tax software, smart phone
Mar.18 – Paul
Mar.25-Dorothy, Pinterest?
April 1-George substitute for Dorothy?

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 pm

Next meeting May 6th tentatively

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