Are you interested in attending the Genealogy SIG?

treeGenealogy is the study of your family tree, i.e history on a personal scale. It helps satisfy a deep need to understand how we fit into the broader world around us. For those unfamiliar with genealogy, here is a good summary of its benefits to you.

The Genealogy group at the Victoria Computer Club has been fortunate to have excellent teachers, but attendance has waned recently.  Murray Strome (  has a few questions for those interested:

  • Are you interested in attending the group?
  • If so, should we plan to continue the meetings through the summer (July & August) or not?
  • Would you be interested in relieving Murray Strome and John Carruthers as a group facilitator?
  • Is there some specific topic that would be of special interest to you for the May 10 SIG?
  • Should we try to get a guest lecturer from the Victoria Genealogical Society or the LDS Genealogy group to give a presentation at the meeting?

Murray would definitely appreciate your feedback. He would be very disappointed if it turns out that there is insufficient interest to warrant continuation of the SIG, and hopes that John will eventually be able to return to lead it.

Thanks for your interest, support and feedback.


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