Tues. Nov. 28: Are Chromebook Laptops Better for Seniors? Now No Drop-in Fee

Staples Technology Expert Sean Cleaver, alongside of Tara Smith Manager at Staples Victoria present the benefits of Chromebook laptops for seniors. They will be providing

  • a hands-on demonstration and open discussion (where questions are welcomed) to help explain their suitablility for seniors.
  • different options that we have both in-store and online to compare model features (such as a touchscreen) and why that may be desirable.
  • different options that Staples can provide for both technical and hardware support through their Easycare program.

There is no Drop-in-fee now. An optional lunch and social for $6:50 starts an hour earlier, at 12:30

RSVP by email to BigBlueSocial@gmail.com   by Sunday, Nov 26

  • for Chicken / Egg / Seafood Salad Sandwhich and Soup, $6:50
  • and / or for the presentation so we can choose the right size room.
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