APCUG photo and website contest deadline Aug 26

This is your friendly reminder that the clock is ticking on submitting your entries. They are due no later than August 26.

1 – Presidents – have you forwarded the Digital Photo Contest guidelines to your members so they can enter the contest? I’m sure we have many more great photographs out there but they haven’t been entered in the contest.

2 – Editors – have you submitted your newsletters (last 3 issues of 2014)? I know groups are losing their editors and many are having no one volunteer to take his/her place but it’s great that two groups have had a member step up to take on putting the newsletter together. I also know there are many more newsletters than we have received as entries. I personally think it’s one of the best benefits a group can have.

3 – Webmasters – we have a gazillion updated websites which is a good thing since we used to have a gazillion outdated websites. But….they have not been entered in the contest.

For those people who are receiving this e-mail that are not presidents, editors, or webmasters — how about making sure your group participates in the contests.

The guidelines for the contests are attached. I’m also taking this opportunity to send you the new Member of… logo for your website and / or newsletter (two versions attached).

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to contests@apcug.org.

​Judy Taylour
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