APCUG Computer Group News, from Judy Taylour, Region 11

Hello to the International Region Groups:  Yesterday was the day Microsoft launched Windows 10 in honor of my oldest daughter’s birthday which I thought was quite nice of them.

Are you an early adopter who jumped on the bandwagon and reserved a copy and have already downloaded it or are you waiting until Halloween as some tech writers have suggested – or sometime between now and then. Or, are you like me with a Windows 8 laptop that I’ve had to refresh three times and won’t upgrade to 8.1 (an MS tech spent 2-1/2 hours working on it and if they can’t fix it…. Or the pure Windows 8.1 laptop that has all of the updates but….) Amazon will start selling it on August 30 for $119 (shipping it on a USB flash drive) & you can have it gift wrapped! Remember, you have until July 28, 2016 to download your free copy.

If you don’t receive articles from Ira Wilsker or Gene Barlow, I’ve attached Ira’s mid-July Windows 10 article and Gene’s newsletter I received on the 21st. You can subscribe by sending them each an e-mail: iwilsker@gmail.com and gene@ugr.com. Ira writes for the Beaumont Texas Examiner and you receive a very informative article almost each week. Gene usually sends his quarterly.

If you aren’t already working with Win 10, please remember to make sure your data is backed up before you start your installation – just in case. Gene also recommends an image backup, just-in-case you don’t like Win 10 and want to go back to your previous OS.

I subscribe to the Krebs on Security blog and found this in my Inbox yesterday — Windows 10 shares Your Wi-Fi with Contacts. You might want to check it out at: http://krebsonsecurity.com/2015/07/windows-10-shares-your-wi-fi-with-contacts/

Check out some interesting Windows 10 articles by Sandy Berger, COMPU-Kiss http://www.compukiss.com/newsletter/newsletter-7-30-2015.html

This is another monthly newsletter you might want to subscribe to; Sandy is all about boomers and zoomers.

Here’s a link to an MSDN blog – MS Senior Sales Excellence Manager, Eric Ligman, …..giving away millions of free Microsoft eBooks!  http://goo.gl/OXoJT9

Jere Minich, Advisor for Region 5 (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, & South Carolina) sent info to his groups today about what may be seen when iOS 9 (for iPads and iPhones) hits the street this fall. His document is attached. He gave a beginning iPad hands-on demo at the May Virtual Technology Conference and will give an intermediate demo presentation at the August 15 VTC. I’m a Windows / Android person but after going through his hand-out, I would be very comfortable using it to learn or teach someone how to use an iPad.

Don’t forget to sign up for the FREE VTC online conference: http://bit.ly/APCUG_2015_Summer-VTC

You will find presentations descriptions at:

Save your Program Chair some work! If you haven’t used one of APCUG’s past VTC presentations for a meeting (uploaded to APCUG’s YouTube channel), you might want to do so. Many groups have used one in an emergency when a presenter doesn’t show and have then scheduled another for a meeting. If you read your copy of Reports, you found that one of the SoCal groups used three of the presentations as teaching tools for their summer classes.

Does your group belong to the Que User Group program? Mine does, and I receive e-mails about all of their specials. UG members receive a 35% discount on the books they buy online and shipping is free. If you are an AARP member you get a 40% discount. I just ordered my Windows 10 books as well as three others. The price was $119 and I am getting them shipped to me for $78.97. When Que releases a new book it has been completely rewritten – unlike some other publishers that seem to just search and replace information. One of my favorite AARP TEK Talk videos, in conjunction with Que, is My iPad for Seniors – I’ve shown it to two groups and billed it as going to the movies, complete with popcorn. Attendees brought their tablets and we had a lively discussion about how they use their tablets. This is the link to enroll in the Que UG program: http://www.quepublishing.com/user_groups/

Happy computing, Judy Taylour, Advisor Region 11

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