Annual General Meeting Wed. January 21 at 2pm.

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The AGM will be held at the clubhouse,
85a Burnside Road West, Victoria, at 2pm

Two motions will be voted on:

1)  Changing the Name of the Club.
A name change is needed to make our club more frequently found by those searching for a computer club in Victoria.
Motion: To change the name of the club
from “Big Blue and Cousins, the Greater Victoria Personal Computer Users’ Association”
to one of the following, in descending preference:
a) Victoria Computer Club
b) Victoria Computer Users
c) Victoria Digital Club

All three names are taken to the BC Registrar of Societies, in case the most popular is not available.

2) Setting the Membership Fees for the Year.
The Adult membership fee has not risen in several years, and the associate fee for even longer.  The club must stem the decline in its bank balance, or eliminate its clubhouse as we know it.  The proposed increase in fees will still produce a deficit of about $1000 next year, so next year’s executive will again be searching for ways to increase membership and other sources of revenue.
Motion: To raise the Adult membership to $85, and the associate membership to $25.

View the Year-End Balance Sheet and the Income Statement

Bring your bagged lunch to the pre-AGM lunch at 1:30 at the clubhouse

See you at the AGM
George Bowden, president

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3 Responses to Annual General Meeting Wed. January 21 at 2pm.

  1. sysop says:

    At the AGM, member dues were approved for Adults at $85 and Associates at $25

    Three names to take to the Society Registrar to change the club’s name were approved unanimously:
    a) Victoria Computer Club
    b) Victoria Computer Users Club
    c) Greater Victoria Computer Club

    George Bowden

  2. sysop says:

    Thanks Pat.
    We have a couple of things we are trying.
    1) Pay a month’s rent.. Anyone like myself who has got a lot out of the club and can afford to pay about one month’s rent, could donate that, as I did for January. It is about $1000. We do not have charity status, so cannot provide income tax deduction receipts.
    2) There are about 50 new members who joined at $50 per year. If that many rejoin at regular rates, $1250 more will come in in 2015.
    3) Increasing membership fees by $10 will bring in about $2000

  3. Pat Wilson says:

    re : BBC Income statement for year 2014

    I see the club has an operating loss for the year of -$4634.50

    If we divide this by 200 members, this works out to only $23.17 each.

    To me an additional $23.17 on top of my membership is cheap compared to
    what it costs in time, and effort to get answers for problems or information about
    computers and programs that have helped me over the past year.

    If the club is going to be sustainable and want’s to protect it’s small contingence fund of about $10,000, then I believe the membership should be prepared to top up any losses at year end, and conversely on a banner year share in any profits over a 20% surplus margin for the club.

    Yours sincerely

    Patrick Wilson

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