Annual General Meeting Tuesday January 22th, 1:30pm at Silver Threads

The Annual General Meeting of the club will be held Tuesday January 22th, 1:30pm at Silver Threads, 286 Hampton Rd, Saanich, BC V8Z 1H1.

Here is a map:

Agenda includes (this post will be updated as available):

  1. Sign in, distribution of new membership cards, quorum count
  2. Approval of last year’s AGM minutes.
  3. Directors reports for the end of our fiscal year, December 31 2018:
    • President’s report: Thanks to volunteers, teachers. Thanks to departing exec: Martin, Iain, Rick
    • Treasurers report, Profit and Loss Report and Balance Sheet which will be emailed to members before the meeting
    • Vice president’s report: automation of membership notices. New membership cards.  Monthly meeting topics.  Bylaws and Constitution filing.
    • Membership report, there were 170 members as of Dec 31 2018.  All members are now regular members.  Associates were made regular members. 75 members are still using up their equity from the old clubhouse.
  4. Motions
    1. Setting of member dues.  It is proposed that dues remain unchanged at $25 per year.
    2. Motion to continue monthly draw of $20 gift cards
    3. Motion to retain membership number 7000 for award
  5. Election of officers for the year.  All positions are open for nomination.  Currently nominated are:
    • Dorothy Cushway, President.
    • George Bowden, Vice President
    • Rosa Benjamin, Secretary
    • Ed Prior, Treasurer
    • Barkley Cox, Membership
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