Adding photos to a shared google photo album

An Empty Victoria at 2pm Sunday March 22

Empty Victoria at 2pm Sunday March 22

During the COVID-19 shutdown, our club photo outings will continue, because your photos can be shared online for others to view and to add comments while in their homes.  Outings will be done alone, or in very spread out groups of 5 or so.  They will also be spread out over time, with a week or so to upload your photos.

We propose to use shared google photo albums, like this one of an Empty Victoria.  Anyone with a google account can comment or “like” a photo, but to add your photos, email specifying your gmail address and George will add you as a collaborator of the album.

Most of our members have a gmail address, and so can add photos to the shared album. Browse to  and click on the album that you want to add photos to.  You will have to log in with your gmail address and password.

You can click the circled icon (near top right) and upload your photos. 

Choose “from computer” unless the photo is already in your google photos.

Please upload only a few photos.    As the album fills, you can remove your less interesting photos, so that we end up with perhaps about 50 photos in each album.

If you have a cell phone, but no google account, you can create a google account following the instructions here.   If you do not want to use a cell phone number, you will have to fill in a birth date that would make you less than 15 years old, like 01-01-2006.   Your gmail account name and password are also your google account name and password.  Google uses only one name and password for all your google apps.

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