A call to join the Victoria Computer Club executive!

A club functions with leadership at the helm. The current executive shoulder multiple duties and are in need of sharing the responsibilities. Can you help?
VCC invites you to join the executive as Membership Director.
Do you like to write? The Membership Director’s role would be as a communications person.

VCC could benefit from a higher profile in the community. There are established avenues aligned with Silver Threads Senior Centre for promotional writing. A new Membership Director would be encouraged to continue writing for the existing outreach publications but also to explore new bulletins and newsletter targets. VCC offers programs and help available to all levels of users. Our message to new members — if you want to learn, VCC can teach you; if you have a problem, VCC has the expertise to solve the issue (most of the time).
A Membership Director could reach out to new users who might find the in-person, hands-on style that VCC offers beneficial.
A Membership Director could promote VCC programs to the existing membership to motivate higher attendance at workshops and Zoom presentations. Presenters would welcome an enthusiastic audience of dozens of users. Current attendance at presentations is lower than warrants the efforts of the presenters.
The collection of membership fees and records is overseen by others with the technical experience required therefore the Membership Director is absolved of that task.
The executive meets via Zoom only 3 to 4 times a year and hosts one annual general meeting, thus the commitment to meetings is low.
In 2023 VCC looks forward to another active year of sharing their expertise —- come be the Membership Director and be part of the action!
Please contact president@victoriaComputerClub.org by email if you are interested in this position.

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