Shared Interest Groups

SIGs are Shared Interest Groups. These are free for members to share a common interest and experiences related to a specific topic.

  • Camera SIG: Go on photo shoots and bring your photos for constructive review at the monthly meeting
  • Seniors SIG: A slow paced class for seniors of all age
  • Linux: A free operating system for your computer, and an alternate to Window and Apple OS.
  • Android SIG: Make the best use of your Android phone, tablet, or chromebook.  Not for iPad or iPhone users
  • Genealogy 101:  Track your family history using a computer
  • WordPress:  Website construction
  • Raspberry Pi: Tiny computers running Linux

Check the Calendar for Other Activities

If you have any other suggestions for a shared interest group, or you would be interested in teaching our members please contact:

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  1. Jane Forner says:

    I have a new Moto G phone and I need help. Can someone do this privately or should we have a group? Thanks.

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