The club offers a range of courses, workshops and SIGs, (shared interest groups), click on links below or go to the HOME button on the menu bar to check out the latest posts.

MEMBERS: WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU.  What subjects, programs or courses are you interested in. We want to focus on your interests and needs but we need your input.

Volunteers needed

Teachers:  We are looking for anyone with reasonable knowledge of a particular program, app, or OS who would be willing to volunteer their skills and time to organize and teach courses.

Co-ordinators: For those who may feel intimidated by the level of expertise expected of a “teacher” but who would like to get involved, we have purchased “Training Software” for courses. This means the level of expertise required by the class leader is minimal beyond  answering a few simple questions, tracking attendance, and keeping the class moving thru the course software.

Volunteers please get in touch with the Training Director or any member of the board. The training director is usually at the clubhouse Saturday and Tuesday afternoon.